4 Things to Check for When Moving into a New Home

Moving into a new house can be exciting, but that excitement tends to go along with a lot of work. That’s because once you move into a house, you’ll start noticing things you might not have noticed before you bought it.

Even if the house seemed perfect when you got it, you will likely want to make a few changes once you’ve moved in. And while you hopefully did a thorough check of the house beforehand, there are still a few things to check for once you’ve moved in. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1. Pests

No one wants to move into a house only to learn that it has pests. Unfortunately, this is something that happens to many people.

This is because it’s not always obvious that a house has pests, which means you might not have noticed it when you looked at the house – but you will certainly notice it once you’re there.

If possible, try to do a thorough search of the house while it’s still empty. If you do find pests, it will be much more convenient to get rid of them before you move in. Don’t worry if you do find pests – a company like Biotech Termite & Pest Control will be able to help you.

2. Safety issues

Most people are fine with buying a house even if it’s not entirely safe or secure because these are things that can be fixed once you’ve moved in, so they aren’t dealbreakers.

That being said, it’s a good idea to go through the house while you’re moving in and take note of which safety features you want to keep, which ones you want to replace or upgrade, and which ones you want to add. If you have no idea how to make the house safer, burglar bars are a great safety method to consider.

3. The condition of the garden

Just as with safety, most people are okay with buying a house even if the garden needs some work or isn’t their style, because it’s something they can change with time. Now that you’re moving in, however, you should stroll through the garden and really pay attention to what its condition is like. This way, you at least know how much work you have cut out for you, and you can start planning.

Getting a garden in decent shape can be challenging and take a while, especially if it was severely neglected. But don’t be dismayed if your new home’s garden looks a bit shabby – eventually, it will look the way you want it to, and you might even be able to include a vegetable garden if you want to.

4. Small problems

When you are viewing a house before you buy it, you usually check for the big things, such as whether the house is structurally sound, and whether its plumbing and electrical wiring are up to date.

But you don’t always notice the small things. When you move in, you have the opportunity to do so. Walk through the house and make a list of any small problems you see or changes you’d like to make.

Maybe there’s a chipped tile, or the paint on the kitchen cupboards is peeling so you want to repaint them. Checking for these small changes now means you won’t forget to fix them later.