6 Worthwhile Things To Do In Japan During This Spring Break

Japan is known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ and nicknamed ‘Nihon’ or ‘Nippon.’ The country is the perfect blend of the solace, pure bliss, and chaos of modernization. You can take a walk down amid nature or can experience the crazy and mind-blowing adventure in this country.

The spring is about to arrive, and so is the long-awaited break for the people to witness the ‘oh-so charming’ Cherry blossom and other spectacular displays and cultural events.

Japan is famous for the beautiful landscapes, but you can entertain yourself by visiting the vibrant markets or log in to play on-the-move. Yes, you can enjoy online gambling at a reputed offshore casino like NetBetcasino and use your free time while munching on some yummlicious Sakura snacks. So, read through to get some great ideas to spend your spring break amazingly.

1. Capture the Stunning Cherry Blossoms

You can do flower viewing or popularly known as ‘Hanami’ viewing, while visiting the Cherry Blossoms. Get into the party spirit by going for a picnic with a bento lunch box packed to view the flowers blooming in their full spirit. Drink the bottle of plum wine or sake.

You can visit Tokyo or the Kanto region to witness this charming natural wonder. It paints the whole city pink. You can visit Ueno Park in Shinjuku Gyoen to witness the blossoms in the lush green space or head to Chidorigafuchi in the Kitanomaru Park.

2. Attend the Torch Festival in Nara Prefecture

This festival is called Omizutori, and this Buddhist event is held every year in March. You can witness the event at the Todaiji Temple in Nara. It has a historical significance of more than 1200 years. During this event, the priests with the torchlight descend continually from the ‘Nigatsudo Hall’ to the ‘Holy Well’.

Here, they draw the water from the Holy Well, which is called Omizutori. The torches that are almost 6 to 8 meters high are carried to the Nigatsudo Hall and lit on the fire. The fire is regarded sacred in the Japanese culture, and the onlookers pray for the safe year ahead.

3. Munch on Spring Food or the ‘Sakura Food’ & Drinks

Cherry blossoms are not only for viewing, but you can taste the number of drinks and food prepared at the local restaurants or hotels with ‘cherry blossom’ flavor. You can go to any Japanese restaurant, café, shop, Starbucks, KitKat, Haagen-Dazs, etc., to taste the Sakura food and drinks.

You can try spring foods, and drinks like Pocky (a popular chocolate snack), Cherry Blossom Frappuccino, cream collon, Tokyo banana, Starbucks Sakura chilled cup, and Sakura flavor soy matcha latte, bubble tea, Kirin beer, Lipton Sakura tea latte, etc.

4. Go for Skiing

The weather starts getting mild in Japan as it is an onset of the spring season, but many skiing resorts are still open at this time. The Alpine sports enthusiasts can consider going for a skiing trip in Japan.

You can visit famous resorts like Niseko Ski resort in Hokkaido, Hakkoda Ski resort in Aomori, Asahidake Ski resort in Hokkaido, Hakuba Ski resort in Nagano, and Mt.Tanigawadake Tenjindaira Ski Resort in Gunma. You can get the equipment for rent from these resorts only. Don’t forget to relax in the hot springs after a day full of adventure at these ski resorts.

5. Watch the Sumo Summer Basho

Sumo wrestling is quite famous in Japan and from the onset of the spring season until May month. You can witness any one of the 6 grand tournaments that are held every year. These tournaments are held to provide ranking to the professional sumo wrestler.

Out of 6 tournaments, three are held in Tokyo. You will enjoy watching sumo wrestling in Tokyo because people here know this sport well and get into the spirit of matches.

6. Relax by Soaking in an ‘Onsen’

At Onsen or the hot spring bath, you can get a rejuvenating and relaxing experience while soaking yourself in the steaming hot waters. It should atop your Japan’s bucket list during the spring season. Onsen has many forms like small and large, simple and luxurious, and indoor and outdoor.

Most baths are shared, but you can book the private bath at the ryokans. It can be a challenge for foreigners, as you must get into this hot spring bath utterly naked after the shower. But, this is worth an experience since it shoos away your fears and provides calmness.

Japan gives a great experience to the visitors. From watching the cities colored in the pink hue to offering spring food and watching traditional festivals, you can do everything here. The spring season in Japan ends in May. So, without losing any time, head to the Land of the Rising Sun, and experience the culture and nature like none other.