Things to Buy When Starting Your Home Fitness Gym

There is so much convenience brought about by having your personal gym set up at home. You can easily train anytime you want and manage your health more constantly. Aside from that, you don’t have to pay for gym memberships, travel to go to the nearest one, and bustle around a whole bunch of other gym-goers to have your chance at a particular equipment. 

There are only a few things you need to shop for when you are just starting your own home fitness hub. Keep reading for the essential gym equipments for home.

Exercise Mat

There are a lot of things you can already do with just an exercise mat. You can perform your planks, crunches, and even do Yoga with just this simple gym accessory. It is convenient to buy a mat dedicated to exercising because the material used would be a great barrier to any hard substance. It will also prevent you from sliding for when you need to hold a particular position.

Having an exercise mat around is convenient because you just have to roll it up when no longer in need. If you feel like taking your exercise somewhere else, say the balcony or the yard, you can easily bring your mat and do what you have to do. It is also low maintenance which you can just clean it easily with soap and water and air dry it after.


There are plenty of gym accessories you can buy to give you great weight training. You can buy a set of different weights of dumbbells that can be used for varied exercises. Medium weight dumbbells that are 8 to 10 pounds are ideal to use for exercises including lunges, bicep curls, and other routines for smaller groups of muscles.

You can easily switch to a set of heavy dumbbells when you work on larger muscle groups including squats and modified deadlifts. To partner with some of these exercises, you can add a foldable weight bench to do more arm, chest, and shoulder exercises.

This is also a great way to increase the range of motion of any movement that you are doing, making your exercise more powerful, and engaging to the muscles targeted. For a bigger set of equipment especially if you are at an advanced level, you can invest in an Olympic bar and added weight plates. 


A treadmill of can be your go-to equipment for cardio. You can adjust it to different paces depending on how comfortable you are with the speed. It is great for simple walking, brisk walking, and running. You can substitute jogging outdoors for a few minutes on the treadmill especially during days when the weather is not good for any outdoor activity. 

There are so many things you can do with only a few pieces of equipment at home. All you need to do is assess what particular ones are helpful to address your needs and goals. Once you are able to set up a gym at home, you can already make your workout more consistent and comfortable. Lots of peloton before and after client photos showcase how effective the program and their equipment can be.