The Essential Things To Pack When Camping With Kids

Having fun outdoors is one of the best experiences that you can give your children. A trip to the beach, hiking, or camping out with them is a great way to bring them closer to nature, plus you get to spend some quality time together too. For a seamless experience, make sure that you pack the essentials that you and your kids need, particularly in camping.


No camping would be complete without a durable and reliable tent that you can retire in for the night. Make sure that your tent is big enough to accommodate your family. Try to pack a mallet with you too because this will make it easy for you to bang those tent pegs into the ground.

Sleeping Bags and Air Beds

Along with the tent, bring sleeping bags too for each member of your family for everyone to settle in comfortably through the night. There are sleeping bags made especially for children and these usually come with a pillow.

Bringing along a roll mat or an airbed is a good idea too. This will make you warm through the night. A lightweight and puncture resistant air bed would be the perfect choice, especially with kids.

Picnic Table and Backless Bench

You may raise your eyebrows with the idea of having to pack a picnic table or a backless bench with you when you go camping with your kids but these are vital camping equipment. A picnic table will make it so much easier for you because you get to sit down with your kids for meals. An outdoor backless bench would also create a great seating arrangement.

Look for portable ones for easy handling, but there are also those that come in sleek and contemporary designs that can easily be carried around. The outdoor experts from state that a perfect backless bench fit for the outdoors will have the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions such as the heat of the summer sun.

Nevertheless, you also have the option of bringing along an outdoor bean bag instead for a more relaxed seating.

Cookware and Picnicware

Cookware and picnicware are also essentials when you go camping with kids. Campfire and campsite cooking tools come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but it is best to go with the most compact and versatile cooking equipment.

A portable picnicware with a complete set of utensils is also what you need so that you won’t have any trouble looking for a fork, a spoon, or even a bottle opener when one of your kids needs them.

Lantern and Glow Sticks

Light up the night with colorful lanterns and glow sticks that will put a smile to the faces of your children. These can ease their fears if they are somehow afraid of the dark and the unfamiliar sounds they hear.

Conversely, also pack with you a rechargeable lantern that can be hung up in your tent. There are those that come with a battery lock that inhibits the battery of the lamp from draining abruptly.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Make sure to pack some sunscreen and a bug spray whenever you go camping. The sunscreen will protect the skin of your kids from the harmful rays of the sun while a bug spray will ensure that you keep unwanted insects at bay. As much as possible, go for the organic creams which are free from the harmful chemicals that may irritate the sensitive skin of your children.

First Aid Kit

Finally, never go camping without a first aid kit because you can never tell what is bound to happen with active kids around. Aside from a gauze that can help stop bleeding, include allergy or maintenance medications as needed.

Final Word

Camping with kids may prove to be challenging, but rest assured that it is all worth it in the end. Aside from building their hearts, you get to spend time with them and learn more things about them. Nevertheless, to make the planning a bit easier for you, it is a great idea to pack a roll mat or an airbed in addition to your tents and sleeping bags.

Complete the outdoor set up with a picnic table and a backless bench, along with your cookware and picnicware. Take note that all of these are portable to make it convenient for you to pack and carry along. Last but definitely not the least, make sure to bring some sunscreen, bug spray, and a first aid kit because with kids in tow, you can never really be prepared for anything.