Ten Interesting Things To Talk About On Your First Date

People find first dates nerve-wracking and awkward because one never knows what to expect from a person you barely know and are trying to connect with for the first time. First dates may be the worst, but the best part is they set a precedent for better dates ahead.

In the best of times, when two total strangers make an attempt to get to know each other better in order to bring some excitement and fun into their lives, one can quickly become clueless about what to say to make an impression.

That’s why one should always go armed and be ready with some open-ended topics to talk about so that you don’t run out of words within minutes of your first meeting. 

If you are a little bit thin on inspiration, do not fret, because we have compiled ten fail-safe dating topics that will keep the conversation flowing between the two of you, possibly leading to another romantic meeting. These tips are just as useful for gay dating as it is for straight first dates. 

1. Admit you are nervous

It is quite likely that your partner would be as nervous as you are, so break the ice right at the beginning and admit your nervousness. This will display a sense of honesty and help relieve the pent-up pressure and release a laugh or two as well.

2. Keep asking questions

The main way to get the first date to take off smoothly is by ensuring that the conversation flows back and forth. Don’t just talk about yourself but ask your date questions to convey engagement.

Some first date questions that you will ever need should relate to topics like work, growing up, hobbies and thoughts about dating as a whole. Such first-date questions are a nice way to break the ice and keep the conversation going in case you run out of things to talk about. 

3. Discuss the philosophy of life

Sharing beliefs and asking about each other’s passions should be the ideal starting topic, if only to determine whether you both have anything in common to merit a second date in the near future. People are looking for real connections these days, and not just small talk, so finding out what your date’s thoughts on the philosophy of life are and how best they enjoy spending time, can further cement the relationship.

4. Talk about travel

Studies by psychologists have shown that travel talks make very interesting first-date topics. Those who discussed travel were more likely to meet again than those who discussed movies. The conversation around movies could lead to differences of opinion, but travel stories about past adventure trips, or which places you have always wanted to go but have not made it can keep your date riveted.

5. Discuss intellectual interests

Speak on entertainment-related topics to find out whether you share the same intellectual interests and tastes. Ask questions like what TV series you like watching, or what are your favourite phone apps. Who knows you may stumble upon something exciting you have never heard of.

6. Open up on hobbies

Open up about your favorite passions and pastimes to help your date to know each other on a more meaningful level. This way you will learn how best they spend their free time and leave the door open to learn more, should you return the second time.

7. Make music a conversation topic

Music generally is a good conversation topic on the first date as you get to learn the types of music and the artists your date enjoys, while you at the same time expand your own music repertoire regarding the genres and bands of your choice. Sharing talk at concerts and music will help the two of you to bond better.

8. Chat about goals in life

Talking about bigger life questions like where you see yourself in say five or ten years from now can be a wonderful way to know someone better. These goals need not be career-oriented, rather they should accomplish the task of interpreting your priorities and interests to share what you like to achieve in life.

9. Bring up the topic of food

Surprisingly food is hardly discussed on first dates, but studies have shown that is the best possible way to set up the stage for another date. As you discuss your favourite bakeries, restaurants and cuisines, you are paving the way for an invitation, by suggesting a meal in the outlets which you have mentioned in your conversation with each other.

10. Ask about family and friends

You will be surprised how questions about family open up conversations. You can ask about the size of the family and how close all the members are to spark interest. Similarly asking about friendship in general and the number of close friends they have is a good conversation starter. Who knows, you may come across someone in common.