Signs that Indicate Your Third Eye Is Opening

The third eye or inner eye is a spiritual organ that is used to develop an understanding of inner conscious or spiritual and psychic awareness. If you’re attempting to open your third eye in order to gain spiritual clairvoyance, it’s important to understand it may take some time.

The time taken to open your inner eye depends on every person, but here are some signs that your spiritual journey is headed on the right path.

You’re Starting to Have Headaches

If you’re feeling pressure within your forehead, this may be a symptom of your pineal gland activating. A pulsating sensation a few inches inside the center of your forehead is a positive sign that your third eye is awakening. While it might cause some mild discomfort this is going to allow you to open the way to more inner clarity.

You’re Experiencing Increased Sensitivity

If you’re becoming more sensitive to the emotions of those around you, this is a good sign. Although it can seem tiring to be constantly connected to how everyone around you is feeling it means you’re developing a greater spiritual connection to the world around you. You may even experience psychic forces beyond this realm.

The Third Eye Paranormal society has a website that will provide an enhanced revelation on understanding your relationship with this new spirit world. Seeking greater understanding from professionals will help you enhance your spirituality. 

A Jump In Creativity

When your third eye is opening you’ll start noticing that you’re suddenly filled with creative ideas and have the desire to paint, draw, or write things that you’ve never felt before. This can come from an increased understanding of the world around you, a perspective you’ve never had before.

Indulging in this newfound creativity can only increase the opening of your inner eye. Grab a paintbrush or a pen and let the ideas flow from your mind to the canvas or page seamlessly.

Bright and Brilliant Dreams

When your dreams start becoming bright and depict vivid scenarios about your past, present or future, this is a clear sign your inner eye is close to opening. Your circadian rhythm may be affected by this phenomena, but this experience should be temporary.

The lessons and knowledge imparted to you in your dreams should offer some clarity into your everyday life. Your dreams may even become lucid, an example that you’re becoming enveloped in the newfound control and vision you have in the world.

A Higher Perception of Clarity 

As your consciousness expands and widens you’ll start to perceive in the world as interconnected, as opposed to a world of duality. You’ll no longer see things as good or bad, or black or white, you’ll see the connections between all things and perceive the world as it truly is.

Being susceptible to those who have negative energies can really impact your personal clarity, so be sure to avoid those who have may impart those energies so you may fully open your inner eye.

Heightened Intuition

As your third eye because to fully open you’ll become aware of a heightened sense of intuition. You’ll be able to hone this ability to become more precise as you continue to engage in keeping your inner eye open. Intuition soon because an ability or skill and not just luck, and one that you can depend on.

Alteration of Diet

You may become more self conscious of what you’re putting into your body. With your newly developed self awareness and perspective of connection you may suddenly change your diet. You’ll become aware of what nourishes you and avoid things that cause you poor health.

Treating yourself well becomes a core component of your identity. You may start to eat less meat as you want to decrease needless suffering in the world.

Other People Notice

People around you who are physically engaged themselves may notice something “different” about you. They may not say whether it is good or bad, but just something different. Just as the opening of your third eye is neither good nor bad, just a new phenomena in your existence. You may take it as a compliment that people are noticing this about you.

Everyone can have the ability to open their inner eye and develop a new perspective of the world. Chances are if you’re experiencing migraines, headaches and pressure in the middle of your forehead, your inner eye is beginning to open. You’ll become more sensitive to those around you, and develop clarity both when awake and asleep.

You may notice a heightened sense of intuition and others around you noticing a difference about you. Some people with negative energies may not appreciate this difference, but you can avoid these people as much as possible. Congratulations on the wakening of your third eye, and enjoy the perspective it gives you!