Lockdown #2: Tips For The Online Casinos

Now that ‘Lockdown 2’ is upon us, many are trying to revive the hobbies and activities that they developed during the first lockdown. Some people took to exercising at home, going on long walks, learning new skills and spending more time with their families than they normally would have.

Something that really took off during the first lockdown is the number of people who have taken to online gambling, with online casinos seeing a huge increase in players. Here are our tips to get the most out of the best online casinos.

Take Online Roulette for a Spin

One of the most popular online casino games is undoubtedly roulette. Its simplicity is complimented by its massive returns on winning bets and as such, it can be hugely enjoyable to play.

For the biggest returns, place a bet on the exact number you think the ball will land on, pick any number between 0 and 36 for odds of 35/1. For the more cautious out there, there are numerous split options available to players. Choose to split between two adjacent numbers on the table, corner/square bets between four numbers that meet in a corner, street bets covering three consecutive numbers in a line and more, these are known as ‘inside bets’.

There are also a number of ‘outside bets’ that players can place including red or black, odd or even, dozen or column bet. All of these bets return lower odds than a ‘straight bet’ on a single number, but give you much more chance of winning (at lower odds). With a huge range of different roulette game types to choose from, you can spin until you get dizzy with online roulette.

Blackjack, a Casino Classic

As well as roulette, there is a whole host of other classic casino games to playing online including online blackjack. Blackjack, which is colloquially referred to as 21, is a very simple casino game in which a player must try to beat the dealer either by achieving 21 with the cards dealt, or getting closer to 21 than the dealer does. The odds on offer for the winner are evens, meaning that you will double your stake if you beat the dealer.

A top tip to remember is that the dealer will not “hit” (take another card) if the total of the cards in their hand is 17, so if you have 18, 19, or 20, more often than not, it’s best to stick with your hand, as the dealer will either hit 17 and stop or go bust trying to hit 21. If you’re really unlucky, the dealer will hit and land 21, which you must also get 21 in order to win your money back.

Other Games

Another card game that is hugely popular in online casinos is poker. In the past, playing online poker required you to download software onto your PC and run it from there, but now online gaming sites give players the chance to play poker entirely through their browser. The best tip we can offer for poker players is to be aware of the hierarchy of hands in the game.

Often, inexperienced players will overestimate their hand and attempt to bluff, but will be easily found out by more experienced players.

Another popular online casino game is online slots. These are controlled by random number generators (RNG) like most online casino games, however, there are no actions you can take to increase/improve your chances of winning, so there are no real tips we can give for playing online slots except to find one you enjoy playing and stick with that.

Whatever online casino game you decide to play, the most important thing to remember is that you enjoy playing and you do so responsibly.