Proper Toilet Etiquette to Educate Your Children

As your children grow, the responsibility lies in your hands to teach them all the things they have to understand. First would be the basic rules and etiquette at home, which include proper bathroom manners. Whether at home or in any public restrooms, the same principles would apply, our children should have a clear understanding of how to be safe and respectful at the same time.

Being safe in the sense of being observant of the things around such as garbage, wet spots on the floor or any object which might cause them to fall or the next person visiting. The germs would be another thing to watch out for. You don’t want your child to touch anything dirty which would trigger sickness and spread out to other family members. Being respectful of the next person to use, which means that our child’s visit does not create problems for anyone else who has to go.

To teach them clearly all of these things, here are the basics they need to follow.  

Knock on the door

This principle would apply whether at home or at a friend’s house. If the door is closed, it’s important to knock first. If someone is already inside, be patient and wait quietly. It’s impolite to rush the person who is already in there. If another toilet is available, go ahead and use that.

Proper hygiene

Before school, you can always accompany your child to the bathroom. But as they grow older they will spend time outside the house and will use washrooms that might not be completely hygienic.

Lift the seat if you want to pee or poop

It’s important for your child to know how to differentiate a clean and unclean seat especially if he starts going to school. Educate them how to wipe properly.

Use toilet paper to clean themselves

After using the toilet, children must know how to clean themselves with toilet paper. However, please do remind them not to flush this thing in the toilet!

Flush the toilet after use

This is one of the highlights of all the toilet rules. Children should know that the toilets will be used by others. This is a mandatory lesson to be taught to a child at an early age and this must start at home. However, be mindful of those young children who are curious in every way as they might overuse it by repeating the flush several times. This might affect your water bills, especially if your toilet flush does not have dual functions.

Nowadays, it’s beneficial to have dual flush toilets for you to save. You can use small flush if it’s just a liquid waste. If you’re not aware yet what a dual toilet flush is, see it here to know more about how it works. Review online has listed the benefits and the types of dual toilet flush which you can choose from.

Wash hands with soap

Don’t miss this one! Repeat and highlight this to your child until he would adapt this habit. A lot of infectious diseases are from not having proper toilet manners. Wash hands with soap with clean water before drying them in the hand dryer would be the last step. Children should know how to avoid spreading bacteria that cause common diseases.

Children with proper toilet etiquette can stay healthy. Parents can also save money from hospital bills and medicines, and will not take time off from work because of their sick children. As early as now, teach them the right things!