Using All-in-one Tools for Package Tracking: Pros and Cons

We always want to know if our parcels are all right. It’s possible to use tracking services provided by the courier services on their websites, but what about Post Canada tracking, for instance, if it interacts with other international couriers? The answer is using all-in-one tracking sources. But everything has two sides, and here we’d like to emphasize the pros and cons of using such universal tracing websites. 

What are all-in-one package tracking sources?

Most couriers worldwide provide tracking systems on their official websites. They differ in how many packages you can trace at once, the format of the tracking ID, and many other factors. On an official website, you cannot trace the parcel delivered by another service. 

Universal tracking services help avoid discomfort about switching from one courier website to another because, theoretically, you can search for any package if the tracking number is entered correctly. 

How do they track my packages?

Parcel tracking is possible due to electronic systems and databases that provide full information on package status to the services that request this info. So just like you’re looking for a status update on your courier’s website, you can search through a universal website. 

To do so, you need to know the correct waybill number assigned to your package(s). It is the only thing that allows you to use all-in-one services for tracing parcels. These numbers contain coded information about:

  • the country of departure;
  • type of delivery (you choose it from the range of services that a postal service provides);
  • specifics of the parcel (but this point is not obligatory in every tracking ID);
  • the unique number of this particular parcel.

That’s why they usually contain 8 figures and more. Their quantity and order are crucial for finding and tracking a package. 

The website where you can trace a package from anywhere has access to couriers’ databases. When you enter the tracking ID, it automatically defines the postal service and other coded criteria of the search. 

Pros and cons of using a universal platform

Among the advantages that you feel right away when you start using such a tool, there are:

  • time-saving – you don’t need to switch from one website to another;
  • usually, comfortable information display with all the necessary information available from the database;
  • an opportunity for notifications about status changes through e-mail or in another way;
  • some services allow entering up to a certain number of IDs with a defined divider (a comma, a semicolon, etc.) if you need to track many packages at once;
  • the availability of mobile apps makes it easier to clarify the info on the go.

The inconveniences differ from one website to another, but the most frequent is that they can support a limited range of postal services throughout the world. 

To not suffer from the only considerable inconvenience happening to most universal tracking tools, use a reliable source – The website is easy and understandable for any user, and on top of that, it covers databases of over 750 couriers all over the world. Use now and take benefit!