These 5 Tools Are Essential For Success In Real Estate

In the real estate industry, making a sale is not easy. This is because many real estate agents are fighting for a small pool of potential buyers with the financial capability of owning real estate property. The high competitive state of the real estate market and challenging economic times have made it more challenging for more established realtors to make sales.

Nevertheless, provided there are real estate properties that have to be sold, prospects will always be there in the real estate market. So how do you navigate your real estate business through these challenging times? Let us look at the five most essential tools to be successful in the real estate industry.

1. Zillow Premier Agent App

This component of Zillow’s website lets realtors pay to be a recommended contact anytime anyone asks about a listing on their website. The main feature of this product is lead. If someone is looking for a property or wants to invest in a commercial property on the Zillow website, but doesn’t have a real estate agent, you’ll get connected with them.

Let’s look at how Zillow Premier Agent App works. It’s fairly easy because it only forwards across the inbound leads that showed interest in communicating with a realtor.

Client Inquiries

Potential buyers with Zillow can peruse a property and click on the contact button. This effectively overrides the need for contact to be passed through the MLS and eliminates the middleman.

Zillow Authenticates

When a buyer clicks on the contact agent button, they have the choice to either connect with the listing realtor or a Premier realtor. The profiles of the realtors indicate both their ratings and the amount of immediate sales.

Rep Redirections

When a buyer clicks on a realtor they want to contact, the authentication process starts. During this process, a representative of the realtor will call the potential buyer to confirm whether they are serious regarding the inquiries. When the potential buyer is deemed to be serious, the call will be redirected to your company.

Close the Deal

After the potential buyer connects with your company, you will see the properties they have viewed and even monitor your transactions.

Pros of Zillow Premier Agent App

• Listings are exposed to millions of potential buyers.
• Realtors will sell their expertise to a broad audience.
• It has leveled the playing field for new realtors who don’t have a lot of listings.
• Premier Agents receive a Word Press site.

Cons of Zillow Premier Agent App

• Zillow’s property appraisal application, Zestimate, is frequently erroneous.
• The cost of becoming a subscriber realtor is considerable.

2. MailChimp

This is one of the most popular real estate marketing strategies. E-mail marketing usually entails sending e-mails with info regarding some services or products, and these e-mails are directed to a divided audience. The target audience is subdivided to attain good results.

E-mail marketing strategies are useful for distributing real estate blog content, and typically, they are better receptive campaigns for the targeted audience. MailChimp will enable you to automate real estate marketing strategies, create properly divided mailing lists, and emphasize promotional actions directly.

Pros of MailChimp

• It’s a web app that is compatible with many web browsers.
• You are not required to install or download any software on your computer.
• You are only needed to allow cookies and download JavaScript.
• Creating a MailChimp account is easy and free.

Cons of MailChimp

• The method of updating the customer list information is not automatic; checking and reviewing each list manually can be frustrating.
• The user interface may be complicated for new users.

3. BoomTown

This is a real estate tool that offers lead generation and client relationship management solutions. It also offers task management, lead assignment and real estate marketing tools. It is ideal for realtors who want to focus on targets by area and those that wish to collect comprehensive lead data.

Features of BoomTown

This platform’s features are designed to help users create real estate leads and nurture their connection with them. Here are some of its main features.

Lead Creation

Through this platform, you can create Facebook and Google Ads that focus on specific areas. If you want to develop your connection with your leads, a lead creation team can send new leads to you from their mobile, own search and display marketing strategies.

Consumer Websites

This platform also allows you to create IDX webpages with comparison tools and property search. Users can filter their searches as per price ranges, location and the number of bathrooms and bedrooms.

Pros of BoomTown

• Has many lead creation and nurturing functions.
• Internet data exchange sites update listing information hourly.
• Offers in-depth prospect insights.

Cons of BoomTown

• Costly for new and small realtors
• Webpage template choices are limited.

4. Direct Mail

Real estate direct mail advertising helps realtors connect with potential new customers by sending printed brochures and postcards via Direct Mail API. This marketing strategy is beneficial in the real estate industry, but realtors have to plan and implement their direct mail strategy properly for it to be successful.

Here is what you should know about direct mail marketing.

Audience Targeting is Important

Most direct mail campaigns are not successful because of poor audience targeting. Regardless of how attractive your message is, your message won’t reach the right individuals without the ideal audience.

Timing is Key

It’s common knowledge that in the real estate industry, the market can fluctuate. Don’t get your timing wrong. The warmest and sunniest time of the year is when the real estate market is busiest. On the other hand, during the coldest time of the year, the real estate market is almost dormant.

Therefore, the best time to use a direct mail strategy is during the middle of spring. This will provide you with plenty of time to prepare and implement your direct mail marketing strategy before the busy period starts.

Work With a Reputable Direct Mail Company

You must hire a print house that specializes in postcards templates for real estate. This will ensure that your real estate mailers are delivered without delay. Additionally, reputable direct mail companies have experienced and skilled production and graphic design staff to ensure your direct mail postcards for real estate are looking as professional and flawless as possible.

Pros of Direct Mail

• Realtors can send specific information to a targeted audience based on purchase behavior and demographics.
• It allows you to reach your audience with a personal touch.
• It is cost-effective.

Cons of Direct Mail

• Many individuals find direct advertising intrusive and annoying.
• Direct marketing campaigns usually have a low response rate.

5. Calendly

Realtors know how important it is to set an appointment for prospects to check the listed property.

Calendly is an application that allows realtors to schedule appointments and eliminate the risk of no-shows. Here are some of the ways you can use Calendly:

• Immediately after prospects sign up so that you can make a follow up with them.
• Put a calendar link in your e-mail signature, so prospects don’t have to write an e-mail to schedule an appointment.
• On your web page or Zillow profile.

Pros of Calendly

• Reduce no-shows by sending several reminder text messages and e-mails.
• It makes it easy for realtors to plan their availability diary.
• Prospects have a good picture of your availability schedule and can select the most appropriate time for them.

Cons of Calendly

• Limited use with the free version.
• Schedule setting can be burdensome as it has many clicks.