Tooth Infection and Ways to Deal with It

As per a national health and nutrition examination survey, 92% of adults between 20 to 64 years have dental caries leading to infections, toothache, and finally tooth loss. It typically starts with stinging pain and swelling around the infected area. What occurs unexpectedly becomes a nightmarish experience, sometimes at odd hours.

The terrible pain caused by a tooth infection can cause serious digestive issues, say experts at MediServ Pharmacy, a leader in surgical supplies in Bronx. These conditions make you wonder if the tooth infection is due to poor oral hygiene. Perhaps not always. But how do tooth infections develop and how are they treated? Is there any remedial measure to treat yourself at home? Let’s read on and find out.

What Causes a Tooth Infection?

Germs penetrate the tissue under the teeth and cause acute pain. Patients can notice the tooth infection as:

• Swelling
• Redness

After a while, a tooth abscess developed along the gum line produces a foul odor. In the end, the infection spreads to the root, necessitating a root canal or a full extraction. Early identification is thus required to avoid tooth loss. Pharmacists at leading medical supply stores in the Bronx are trained to help you with your tooth decay problem.

Who is Prone to Tooth Infection?

Although everyone with no or poor dental hygiene can acquire tooth infection, there is a subset of the population that is more prone to it. These include:

• Teenagers
• Children
• Seniors
• Anyone with weak immunity
• People with genetic problems

An untreated tooth infection can spread to joints or other regions of the body and threaten your life. To treat infections, doctors prescribe antibiotics.

Steps to Prevent Tooth Infection

Here are a few things you can do to safeguard yourself against tooth infection:

Regular Brushing

Brushing the teeth properly aids in the removal of bacteria from the mouth. For healthy teeth, brush twice daily. Brushing more frequently, on the other hand, can result in enamel loss.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

It helps to preserve and repair enamel over time. This prevents caries, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. Non-fluoride toothpaste is effective at removing debris but not at preserving enamel. Make sure to purchase fluoride toothpaste from the best Bronx pharmacy.

Use Antibacterial Mouthwash

You can also try an antibacterial mouthwash for complete dental hygiene. You can get it at a pharmacy in Bronx, NY.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking a large amount of water and other fluids help in producing more saliva. This in turn help in combating bad bacteria and supporting good bacteria, says this dentist in Sunnyside.

Benefits of Dental Compounding

Dental compounding has several benefits to patients like reformulating the medicine to make it easier to ingest. Products offered by the best compounding pharmacy in New York can help in:

• Relieve pain
• Calm you down before dental surgery
• With teeth whitening

According to data on oral and dental health, almost 25.9% of adults in the US between the ages of 20 and 44 have untreated dental caries. If you have a tooth infection, it’s a good idea to consult a dentist or pharmacist right away before it worsens. You can also procure dental and medical supplies as prescribed in Bronx. In NYC, you may get prescribed dental and medical supplies at a pharmacy.