Top 9 Twitter Accounts You Must Follow

It’s difficult to believe, but Twitter has been around for quite some time. Started in March 2006, the “microblogging” website is still one of the most well-known web-based media venues worldwide, with 326 million individuals using it each month.

The top five client countries out of 326 million are the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. 500 million tweets are sent per day, which equates to 5,787 tweets every second! These astounding figures ensure that Twitter remains a popular destination for content and communication.

Many of the marketers choose Twitter to grow their brand and they tend to buy twitter followers to get the desired amount of engagement on their account. Regardless of whether you’re opening the Twitter application to read the news, look at photographs, or observe what’s going on in mainstream society, the site offers an infinite amount of stuff to offer for various interests.

1. @FastCompany 

@FastCompany, the official Twitter feed for the Fast Company business media brand, is a record that many with an interest in business can already follow. The Twitter handle is an absolute must-follow for existing business understudies, as well as pupils. @FastCompany shares moving and innovative content that profiles groups that are inventing the future and reevaluating business, with the conviction that business is a force for positive change.

2. @MarketingProfs 

Ann Handley is the chief of content of MarketingProfs, a marketing training and preparation company. If you have any experience in marketing, @MarketingProfs is an excellent handle that delivers previews of current promoting trends that are or aren’t performing, as well as other advice to help with making efficient business decisions.

3. @ThisIsSethsBlog 

Seth Godin’s Twitter account, which primarily connects back to a blog, showcases his celebrated writing in which he aims “to turn on lights, move people, and show them how to even out up.” Godin publishes articles on a daily basis, ranging from three-sentence persuasive pieces to longer-form contemplations on business concepts. He also demonstrates alt MBA, an online business training course.

4. @CareerBuilder 

Regardless of whether you’re nearing the end of your educational endeavor (for the time being—it never truly ends! ), preparing for your next career move, or simply need to research working environment patterns, @CareerBuilder is a record you should follow. From updates on firms now employing to suggestions on workplace effectiveness, having this handle on your “follow” list is an or more.

5. @Hrbartender 

HR Bartender was created to reflect the possibilities of your friendly neighborhood barkeep, and it “presents” advice on HR-related topics as well as the more general work environment. Popular topics include career coaching and growing as a manager and leader.

Following @hrbartender will enrich your Twitter feed with information that will make you a more desirable prospect to prospective employers, and eventually, your own effective head.

6. @ReformedBroker 

Joshua M. Brown, a financial advisor and CEO, started his blog, The Reformed Broker (TRB), in 2008. The TRB Twitter account is a running critique of Brown’s monetary and market-related knowledge, including latest developments and monetary news through measures, anecdotes, and mainstream society references.

Not only is @ReformedBroker educational for everyone in business, but it’s also entertaining.

7. @Caterina 

Caterina Fake has a long list of accomplishments, including being a former Founder Collective collaborator, a financial backer at Yes VC, and the host of the digital recording show. Should something like this exist?

The digital broadcast investigates the impact of innovation on humanity and empowers those developing new innovations to think beyond business achievement and pose questions about what the new innovation will mean for people. @Caterina is an excellent account for business college understudies planning to lead in an innovation driven future.

8. @GuyKawasaki 

Guy Kawasaki, author of more than 15 books, “focuses on the strategic and practical to enable and provoke.” In addition to being Canva’s major evangelist, Kawasaki is a leader at the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. His Twitter account is brimming with advice for understudies, guardians, business professionals, and everyone in between.

9. @PulpLibrarian 

Mash Librarian operates by presenting unusual, bizarre, and fantastic book covers from the past that may not appear to be informative at first, but enormous ideas about history, social science, and brain research end up oozing through in the midst of the strangeness.

Follow it for a week and you’ll learn a lot about things like Cold War worries, early women’s activist writing, and 1960s nonconformity distribution. All with amusingly odd images.


On Twitter, you can do some pretty stupid things. Indeed, Twitter has made incompetence more spreadable, weaponizable, and, as anybody who has eaten a Tide, case knows, delicious. However, it has also made it easier than ever before to search for information, obtain data, and better oneself.

So, there’s no point in simply trying and putting a handful of insight improving Gifs into your everyday blend of Gifs.