Ways To Transform A Boring Garden Into Something Special

While having a back garden is always a bonus, if the space does not feel comfortable or inviting there is little chance you will feel relaxed enough to spend time outside enjoying it.

Not only that, if you are planning on selling the property, added feature of a garden can add even more value to the sale. To ensure you make the most of your space, here are five ways to transform a boring garden into something special.

1. Making It Feel Comfortable

Even if your garden isn’t totally up to scratch, once you make it feel comfortable, you will feel relaxed enough to spend more time outside before getting to work on the rest.

Invest in garden furniture that suits the aesthetic of your home and that is made from good quality materials to withstand high summer and colder, wetter conditions. Waterproof cushions for outdoor furniture are a great start point, adding comfort, style, and protection to help you get the most of your purchase.

2. Make Practical Changes

Everyone has to make the most of the space available to them as every garden is different in size. Whether it’s the addition of a simple rattan armchair, or other types of garden furniture sets, there are a wide variety of options available. It is possible to combine both style and practicality, so the space looks pleasing on the eye while also serving your needs.

For example, if you have a small garden, look for furniture that incorporates storage elements, so you get the best of both worlds. This is less of a concern for homeowners with larger gardens as they will have more space to play with.

3. Increase Privacy

When you spend time out in the garden you want it to be somewhere for you and your loved ones to enjoy away from the prying eyes of the world. Turn it into your little sanctuary that lets you relax in peace and quiet without worrying what the next-door neighbours might be thinking.

Wooden fencing is always a good starting point, along with lattice panels that add a little more height and shielding. Landscape higher hedges to block off external views or build elegant enclosures complete with beautiful flowers and plants. Add in garden furniture to suit, such as a rattan dining set so you can eat and drink in style outside, and you’ll soon have your own private space made just for you.

4. Lighting And Greenery

There is so much you can do with additional lighting the garden to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. From simple fairy lights to more professional installations, lighting helps set a mood and tone that transforms the entire space.

Not only that, but lighting is ideal to maximise space, working to create the illusion of the area being larger than it is. These small tricks on the mind can go a long way to making you feel more willing to venture outside on a frequent basis.

While the garden furniture you choose will be the main focus, you should also pay attention to the accessories and features that reflect your personality. These finishing touches can make all the difference, with potted plants and flowers bring colour and wonderful scents to the garden. Even one or two scented candles wouldn’t go amiss – while that all important garden coffee table is a staple for any outdoor area.

5. Create A Center Piece

Lawns are often the center piece of any garden. Nothing looks better than a thick, plush spread of green grass in the height of summer. However, taking care of it is not always so easy, especially if you live by yourself, or have a busy lifestyle that focuses your attention elsewhere. To make it easier, you can buy a lawn edger from online stores like thefragrantgarden.com.

You can still have the best of both worlds by installing artificial grass instead, which requires minimal maintenance and still creates an authentic-looking piece of greenery. Artificial grass has come a long way from the plastic-looking options that were once available, with today’s products looking and feeling incredibly real.

Plus, you do not have to be a DIY whizz to install an artificial lawn, usually requiring you to simply roll them out on top of a pre-prepared area.