Simple Renovation Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

With summer quickly approaching there will be many people thinking about what they can do to the garden to make it somewhere they’re proud to entertain friends and family. There’s nothing better than having a BBQ and a few beers with those closest to you as the sun beats down during the summer months.

Being ready for the season of fun will allow you to socialise and truly enjoy every day spent out in the garden. Here are a few ideas for what you can do to transform your backyard ready for the parties. And if you need more advice, simply head to natural dwellers for the best tips.

Have A Tidy Up 

First things first, it’s almost impossible to be creative with a space that’s cluttered and overgrown. Get your lawnmower out and take the clippers to the hedges and get rid of anything you aren’t going to need for the backyard, for example, if you have kids and they’ve grown out of their garden toys then it’s time to take them to the dump. 

Once you’ve had a tidy up you’ll be able to see the true potential of what you’re working with. Find space for bigger projects and assess where might be nice for some new plant additions. 

Create A Feature

The choice is yours when it comes to creating a feature point in your garden, you can go as big or as little as you want, but if you want something to stand out then the bigger the better, right?

Creating something that looks incredible is far simpler than you would have thought, especially if you have the budget to hire in a local company. Create a BBQ using metal work or install a beautifully handcrafted gate to impress from the entrance. The experts from Alamo City Custom Welding explain that hard work pays off when it comes to metalwork.

There are many ways in which a well-designed gate, fence, or installation can bring your garden to life. A perfect way to impress your guests. 

Wooden Sleepers 

These things are relatively cheap and offer an incredible rustic look that will add tonnes of character to the backyard. Create planting boxes or line the flowerbeds with these rugged, giant planks of wood.

There are many things you can do with a sleeper, why not try turning a few into a bench? What about creating different levels to the sides of the garden? Or revamp the steps? There are so many ideas you can implement with an old or new sleeper, jump online, and get some inspiration. 


A brilliant addition that’s often overlooked is hung lighting over the garden. If you can create a web of lights over any seating area then it will make it look beautiful. Re-create a speakeasy scene from your favourite city abroad and have a setting that will allow your evening to continue late into the night. 

A number of different lights are available to purchase for the garden and it depends on your personal taste. Check out what’s on offer at your local store, or look at a few garden stores online to see what takes your fancy. 

Use Colourful Plants 

All too often people fill their backyard with plants that are boring and easy to look after. Whilst this makes maintenance easy, it doesn’t exactly fill the garden with lots of colours to look at. There’s something amazing about well-placed plants and flowers that bring your backyard to life, transforming it from a monotone green to a vibrant palace filled with colour and wonder. 

Look at the beautiful Coneflower or dabble with the Lobelia plant (a low maintenance plant that will attract the birds and the bees!). Iris Setosa, Gaillardia, and Coral bells are other incredible additions to the garden. If you plan your garden well, there won’t be a time of year it’s not showing off. 

Get A Fire Pit 

As soon as the temperature starts to drop you know what to do. Head to the fire pit for some warmth amongst nature. Building these is relatively simple and doesn’t take much effort, depending on the size of the fire pit you want. Sit around with friends and family making smores late into the evenings. Sounds like a perfect night, doesn’t it? 

There are so many things you can do to improve your garden and it very much depends on your budget. If money isn’t an issue then you need to have a pool installed, nothing says fun like the words pool party!

However, when the plan is to keep it simple, you really don’t need to spend much money. Small little touches here and there goes an awfully long way in making your garden homely and a place to be enjoyed.