6 Top Travel Destinations In Asia

From diving in East Bali to walking on the Great Wall of China, Asia comes with many beautiful exotic locations for anyone looking for travel pleasure or adventure. Whether you want to experience unique historical sites or visit the beautiful Asian islands, your travel options are limitless.

The entire continent is filled with rich cultural delights and insights into ancient Asian traditions that have existed for centuries. Also on offer is breath-taking landscapes combined with intriguing architecture.

So, are you planning on visiting Asia anytime soon? Are you still racking your brain about where to start your trip? Take a look at these top travel destinations in Asia.

1. Tiger’s Nest Temple in Bhutan

Bhutan is a landlocked country within the southern region of Asia that holds a history of tranquillity. Buddhism found its way into Bhutan over 1000 years ago through Guru Rinpoche. Legend has it that upon finding a cave in the current location known as the Tiger’s Nest Temple, he meditated for three years, three months, three days, and three hours.

Guru Rinpoche carried out this meditation to cleanse the location on which the Tiger’s Nest Temple stands today. The temple is one of Asia’s most historic monuments and provides a sense of peace you would like to experience.

2. Rawa Island in Malaysia

From the highlands to the lowlands, we have Rawa Island in Malaysia. Few places offer the beauty that Rawa Island offers in Asia. You can either enjoy the beautiful green scenery, take a dip in the warm and fresh South China Sea, or even snorkel along the island’s coral reef only meters from the shore.

The island can be easily accessed through Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, either by boat or a much fun and exciting road trip.

On the plus side, the island has a private resort to provide comfortable and luxurious accommodation during your stay on the island. However, if you wish to spend a few hours on the island, you can get a room to rent in Singapore and still get effortless access to Rawa Island.

3. Plain of Jars in Laos

You will find unexplainable crop fields in America, and the Stonehenge in Europe, but Asia’s mysterious landmark resides in Laos – the Plain of Jars. This megalithic site on the Xieng Khouang plateau is home to mysterious stone urns that sit up to three meters tall.

The place provides deep insight into prehistoric Southeast Asian culture, so if you are a fan of historical sites, then this is the place for you. According to some historians, these urns were used for prehistoric burial rituals.

4. Palawan in the Philippines

Back to beautiful beaches, we have El Nido, a cluster of 45 islands located off the tip of Palawan – a place famous for its secret lagoon. Here you can enjoy the beautiful waters and even swim through a hole in the limestone rocks to access the hidden bay.

If you love some relaxing beach-time, then this is the place to be, as the water is as clear as the sands are soft. Even after several years, the area still feels and looks untouched. The white sandy beaches beautifully complement the tropical jungle behind it, to create a breath-taking view.

5. Ayutthaya in Thailand

If you are looking for more historical sites, you can also visit the Ayutthaya in Thailand. Indeed, almost every town in Thailand has something historically unique to offer, but the Ayutthaya is sure to leave you astounded with its ancient scenery. The location is tucked away north of Bangkok and is home to one of the country’s finest and richest cultural sites.

Founded in 1350, Ayutthaya became one of Asia’s most prosperous trading centres throughout the 16th century. Although it lies in partial ruins, you can still enjoy the remnants of the ancient temples, pagodas, and monasteries beautifully punctuating the town – an emotional reminder of what once was.

Of course there are many destinations in Thailand deserving to visit. Just check this Thailand Tour Package before you go there.

6. Bali in Indonesia

Now let us travel to Indonesia’s island of Bali. Unlike most travel destinations in Asia, Bali’s island is one of the most popular tourist destinations, so you are sure to run into many luxury travelers, honeymooners, backpackers, and even surfers. But do not worry; there is more than enough room for every visitor.

Plus, this is a paradise island with something for everybody. Suppose you are interested in doing more than just relaxing on the beach, you can visit the historical temples on the island or enjoy a lovely day out, sampling the best local delicacies that the place has in store for you.

Asia holds a host of exotic holiday destinations waiting for you to explore; it is time to pack a bag and see the wonders Asia has to offer.