Travelling To India With Kids? Here Are The Top Tips For You

So, you’re ready to board the next flight to India with kids? 

Well done! 

You are surely going to come back with a bagful of memories that you’ll cherish! 🙂

But wait, did you face raised eyebrows from your relatives and friends when you told them about your plan? Relax! It’s nothing but their concern towards you. 

Travelling to India with the kids can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating in the sense that there is a lot that you need to take care of. Starting right from food and water to clothing, climate, and commute, everything needs your complete attention. 

In order to make things a tad bit easier for you, we have created a list of some tips that will make your trip to India comfortable and enjoyable. 

1. Pack appropriate clothing for kids

Before landing in India, do extensive research about the climate of the area you’re visiting. 

If it’s the summer months, the weather is really hot and humid. So much so that the temperatures touch 45 degrees! 

So, lightweight cotton stuff is your best companion then. Refrain from carrying or making kids wear anything apart from cotton clothes, especially synthetic. 

P.S. Do not skip the sunscreen, at any cost! 

In case you’re visiting during winters, it gets pretty cold. So, any clothing along with additional layers (be it any warm sweater or jacket) would suffice.

2. Footwear

Fortunately or unfortunately, the roads in India are mostly muddy and dusty. So, it’s best for your kids to wear closed-toe footwear at all times.   

(It will also prevent them from any unnecessary tans too) 

If your kids insist on wearing flip-flops, just allow those to be worn on the beaches and during showers! 

3. Commute

Getting around in India can be a bit cumbersome if you’re planning to rely on the local buses. Sadly, most of them are non-air-conditioned and it will be a poor experience for your kids. 

Additionally, don’t be surprised if people squash them or step on their feet! (Sad but true

Trains are a lot better. But, they can be a bit slower and most importantly, hard to book. No matter the time of the year, confirming your seat with the Indian Railways Network has always been challenging. Plus, you have to do it in advance. (Mind you, at least two months before!)

Keeping the safety, comfort, and convenience of the kids in mind, we suggest you to hire a private cab/taxi. Although it’s a bit costlier than the other two but don’t worry, it’s still affordable! 

4. Beware of stray dogs

In India, stray dogs are everywhere and these can be pretty scary and dangerous especially for young children. 

So, make sure that your kids don’t get too friendly with them. In fact, teach them to refrain from approaching stray dogs altogether as these are not only dangerous but also might be carrying diseases. 

5. Food for kids

No matter how good Indian food you cook at your place, there’s nothing better than savouring these dishes in the native country! 

However, keep in mind to try them out from a restaurant only as you are assured of the hygiene and cleanliness there. Plus, you can also tell them to make it less spicy for the kids. 

On the other hand, there is always the option of street food. But, it’s likely that it might not suit your kids (both from health and taste point of view because it is a lot spicier) considering it takes quite a while to acclimatize. 

P.S. Never rely on tap water. It is not safe. Buy packaged water, ALWAYS. 

6. Embrace the chaos

When in India, you got to embrace the large population of people and the disorder that follows. 

There might be times when even the smallest of tasks might take a while to complete. In such a case, it’s best to be patient and teach your kids the same (or keep them entertained) so that you have a good time. 

Final Word

Hope this was helpful. 

Slide into your Danner tactical boots or any of your favourite shoes, pack your and the kids’ luggage, and head to the airport. 

We wish you a memorable and amazing time in the diverse land. Enjoy! 🙂