TravelSites: Changing the Way You See the World, One List at a Time

TravelSites is the newest online platform to take the travel industry by storm. The website,, lists several categorized resourced in order of rank and review. This makes it easy for travelers around the world to find everything that they need in one place and updated in real-time.

So, what exactly is TravelSites?

Created by travel enthusiast David Jones, TravelSites is an online website filled with lists of resources for all of your travel needs. The idea came to be when Jones would plan his travel itineraries and found himself lost within the world wide web trying to answer simple questions like ‘what’s the procedure for flying with pets’ or ‘how to give directions in a local language’. He’s even been tricked into paying for services that are otherwise free if he’d just gone to the right place.

“It can be extremely frustrating to spend so much time, money, and effort trying to resolve the little things when ironically, travel should be a stress-relieving experience,” shares Jones.

Having done so much research into answering many travel-related questions himself, Jones decided to share all the information and resources he came across with the public. This would make it easy for everyday adventurists to get the information they need with just a click of the button.

But can’t search engines do the same thing?

The answer to most of life’s problems seems to be “Google it”, and though you would think that can help you when planning your trip, it can also complicate the process even more.

Much of the results you see on the first page of any search result is filled with companies who have either paid for advertising to show up there, or they have smart marketers who take advantage of SEO keywords and phrases to manipulate the AIs calculations. This leaves you with a handful of results that may not be what’s best for you… and let’s be honest, who ever really goes beyond the first page of search results?

With TravelSites, you’ll find lists of websites that are not only categorized by topic but are reviewed and ranked in real-time. That means that current travelers – everyday people like you and me – have used the website and recommend it to others to get the job done. Even better, TravelSites themselves manually go over all of the websites listed regularly to ensure that people are getting what they came for.

Lists. Ranks. Reviews. This website sounds confusing. Is it difficult to use?

TravelSites is one of the most user-friendly experiences you’ll have when it comes to planning your next vacation. By visiting, you’ll find everything you need on the home page.

There are over 40 different neatly organized travel-related categories containing every resource you’ll possibly need – within these categories, you’ll find a varying number of websites already listed in order of user popularity. All the work has been done for you, so you just have to click and go.

So far, TravelSites visitors have loved the easy layout and user-friendliness. One particular self-proclaimed nomad, Phebe Gignac, shares:

“When planning my latest adventure to Sri Lanka, I needed to gather information about visas, the weather forecast, and figure out currency conversion and how to split the budget I had. During past trips, search engines got the job done but it took me days to find what I needed. With TravelSites, it only took me hours!”

The categories go on and on to include bestselling travel books, apps to help you find restaurants near you, park and go sites, Instagram travel blogs, and almost everything else you can imagine to have a smooth vacation.

Is TravelSites aimed at a particular type of traveler?

One of the best things about TravelSites is that it is beneficial to every kind of traveler, going anywhere in the world. Backpackers who are on a tight budget can use TravelSites to find cheap flights, rideshares, homestay or camping sites, hostel booking sites, and even find some amazing photography apps to capture their experience.

Similarly, those who are looking for a more luxurious experience can use TravelSites to purchase a first-class flight, book limo service, sign up for an exotic cruise, or choose to stay in some of the most extravagant villas around the world. No matter what you’re planning, the resources found on TravelSites will help you make the most out of your trip.

So, what’s it going to cost to use all of these resources?

When founder David Jones started heading off to different corners of the world, he didn’t have a lot of experience, so he turned, as one does, to the internet. Spending hours and hours online, he found lots of travel-related products and services and even then, wasn’t sure whether the websites were trustworthy or not.

Often he’d find himself in search of a restaurant he found on the web when in reality, the restaurant had closed down years ago. In other instances, he’d pay to process a visa online, when in fact it was available to him freely upon arrival at the airport. These occurrences are far too common when planning travel to an unknown land and can sometimes be discouraging.

He started to ensure that others can make use of the time and effort he’s put into finding such resources and has made it available to the public for free. TravelSites doesn’t even allow advertisers on their page, to ensure that the content is not influenced by any monetary contributors. has shaken up the travel industry and will continue to do so with its growing array of content. If you weren’t planning a trip already, now you just might be tempted to do so!