Tips To Treating Your Cold Flu The ‘Natural’ Way

You’re down for the count, suffering from a stuffy nose, frustrating cough and a pounding headache. All you want is to breathe freely and get back to normal again. But does that require dosing yourself with products you don’t know and love?

Embrace the natural way. When you’re sick natural remedies can work wonders. Along with taking a flu medicine homeopathic product, you can choose reliable, trusted methods to alleviate your woes.

Benefits of Using Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu

The body has a defense system: your immune response. When viruses attack, it kicks into gear, fighting off the intruders. Often, this reaction is enough to halt the viral infection and get you over the hoop after a few days.

A natural response to illness leads to several symptoms such as fever, chills and aches. These symptoms indicate that your body is doing its job. Even coughs are helpful; they break up the mucus developing in the lungs.

Natural options work with the body’s symptoms to flush out the virus and mitigate symptoms. They do not suppress the immune system but work with it. Thus, your body remains armed to fight the good fight while you have the tools to ease the stuffy nose and raw throat.

What Natural Medicines Ease Cold & Flu?

While you don’t want to upset the body’s natural immune response, you do want to seek comfort and promote healing. Natural remedies let you do just that: alleviate the symptoms without filling your body with chemicals or interfering with an immune reaction.

Keep homeopathic cold and flu relief products on hand, stocked in your cabinet for those irksome sick days. Use them to ease the aches and congestion buildup.

Are you struggling to breathe through your nose or clear your head? Focus efforts on clearing out the nasal passages. Run a humidifier and take hot showers. Allow the moisture to loosen the mucus.

Embrace salt water; it’s a natural antiseptic. Use saline sprays to wash out and cleanse the nose. For sore throats, gargle with a saltwater solution, easing the redness and pain.

Keep hydrated. Have water and electrolyte drinks, flushing out the virus—warm beverages such as herbal tea mixed with lemon and honey work well. The heat relieves the throat and helps break up phlegm—Lemon offers a boost of vitamin C, and honey soothes irritation.

Sleep does wonders. Your body works even when you close your eyes. When you’re sick, sometimes what you need is to give into afternoon naps or spend the day in bed, letting your body do its job. Avoid strenuous activity.

Use diffusers and natural scents to open up your breathing. Menthol, for instance, is often available in rubs; place it under the nose or on your chest; take a few deep inhales. Peppermint and eucalyptus natural oils can go in a diffuser, spreading the scent throughout the room.

When a cold or flu takes you out, turn to homeopathic remedies for chest congestion and nasal relief. Natural remedies fight off symptoms and let your body do its job.