How to Warm up in Cold Season: Try Blazers for Women

Modern blazer models are exclusively business and austere pieces. But, everyday life often takes them as a women’s blazer. In 2021, such clothes are trendy. The fact is that it can be safely used as an alternative to light suits and cardigans. Blazer often replaces the daily windbreaker in the warm season.

But, it should be noted that this wardrobe item can also be worn in winter, coming from men’s fashion. Therefore, stylists refer the product to the casual, business style. Also, with the help of such detail, you can create a modern Casual image. In this issue, let’s consider some of the most successful models of blazers for women and find out what it is all about.

What are blazers and how do they differ from suits

When thinking about what a blazer is, it is worth looking back at the past. Namely, at the time when the masculine style in women’s wardrobe was just beginning to emerge. If we talk about such a piece as exclusively a product for ladies, its emergence is associated with the Chanel era. It was this designer who introduced the masculine style and strict suit into fashion.

Next, let’s find out the main features of blazers for women and how they differ from women’s suits.

You may ask why we have decided to talk about blazers. The fact is that the blazer is its direct heir to all its characteristics and qualities. For example, the product can completely repeat the cut. But, if it differs from the bottom in color and stylization, then the model automatically turns into a stylish blazer for women. The variety of stylish products is astounding.

In 2021, there are products that are strikingly different from blazers. But, it is worth mentioning that multiple differences should be known so as not to accidentally ruin your image. First and foremost, keep in mind that the blazer is distinguished from the blazer by a looser and more casual style. Classic, more austere details are also present in the lineup of fashionable styles.

Variety of models of women’s blazers

The variety of models is great and it’s hard to argue with that. There are special styles that help to hide flaws or are designed to create an original image. If there are more casual styles that could pass for a stylish jacket or windbreaker. All of them are divided into several groups. But, this does not prevent a woman’s blazer from being a stylish everyday piece that can be easily worn as part of absolutely any outfit.


Such a model is very easy to confuse with an ugly and modern coat. But, more often the products are chosen to create a light summer look. Long blazer can be worn even in the spring and autumn in warm weather.

By the way, today the sleeveless models are relevant. They are very similar to the elongated vests. If you choose a bright shade, such as red or yellow, then this blazer will dilute the gray image or, aged in the black and white scale. Do not be afraid to experiment not only with models below the knee or more. If the blazer is knitted, you can wear it even instead of a cozy cardigan.


This group of stylish blazer models for women includes most of the interesting options. Many of them become the ground for constant experimentation of modern designers. The most popular are classic blazers, such as the double-breasted model. Also, a long product style can be sleeveless, reminiscent of a stylish vest for warm weather.


This blazer model is the most popular, as it is the most versatile. Girls choose the product to create original everyday images. The most important plus is that the product is easily combined with business things. With the right choice of the bottom, the model quickly becomes a strict classic blazer for women. Young girls choose double-breasted cuts, which help to visually emphasize the waist and make a noticeably slimmer figure.


As for the materials, fashion designers experiment with them much less often than with the cut. Summer models are presented mainly in the form of linen blazers. Denim and knitted products are also very popular. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the material when choosing a model.

Tweed blazers for women will be appropriate in autumn and cool spring. They are very warm casual clothes. The wool blazer can also be attributed to them. Some girls choose a long model in this performance, easily replacing the coat and becoming its stylish alternative.