4 Reasons Why You Should Try A Live-Aboard Diving Trip

If you would like to swim with manta rays in crystal clear water, watch crocodile fish and blue-ringed octopuses in their natural habitat, and at the same time enjoy a serene environment that hasn’t been tampered with by human activity, then you should definitely try diving in Komodo Island.

The Island checks all the boxes as far as a diver’s wishlist is concerned. It has a serene environment, diverse marine line, awesome diving sites for both beginners and experts, and amenities that are designed to cater to all your diving needs.

While you can experience all the magic that the island has to offer by simply taking boat rides to popular diving sites, opting for a Liveaboard experience offers a better and more economical diving experience. The following are the reasons why opting for a liveaboard diving experience is the best option for both beginner and expert divers.

No Need to Carry Your Diving Gear Back and Forth

One of the things that can take the fun out of diving is having to ship your gear to, and from, the diving site. Diving gear is typically heavy and bulky, and this process can be tedious especially if you have your own customized gear that you love to use.

If you are planning on diving for more than a couple of days, choosing a liveaboard diving trip is the best option. This is because you will get to enjoy the best part when it comes to a diving tour while at the same time minimize the tedious part– having to load your luggage to a boat or car every time you have to travel to the diving site.

The Experience of a Night Dive

Most people dive during the day. On its own, especially if you are diving in a place that is as rich with marine life as the Komodo Islands, it is a worthwhile experience. However, very few people get to experience the magical experience of experiencing marine life and the underwater world at night.

Getting on normal daily trips will not afford you the opportunity to dive at night. This is because the boat has to always get people back to land before it gets dark. However, by choosing to go on a diving trip where you sleep on the boat, you will get the opportunity to experience what it is like to dive at night.

Get to Places That are Typically not Accessible

When a boat has to make the journey back to the shore, it can only go so far. This is mainly because the operators are usually on a time restriction since they have to get their passengers back to the shore before the sunsets.

As a result, your diving experience is likely to be limited in so far as the breadth of marine life that you get to see is concerned. This is because large marine animals tend to stay in remote areas that experience limited interference from human beings.

Liveaboard boat rides do not have the same limitations that the typical shore-based operation is under. Since time is not a factor when it comes to choosing diving locations, you have a better chance of having a richer diving experience simply because you can get to areas that are not usually easily accessible. This alone makes these rides worth the time and money.

Early Access to Popular Diving Sites

If you would like to have the best view of marine life, you should always make sure that you arrive at the diving site early. This is because human beings tend to scare away most of the animals in these areas, and getting there before anyone else is the best way to ensure that you get a richer experience.

Unfortunately, this is something that is hard to do if you have to travel from the shore and to the dive site. However, with a liveaboard trip, it is a lot easier.