Effective Ways To Turn Your LinkedIn Connections Into Customers

LinkedIn isn’t just a recruiting tool. Today, marketers all over the globe use the platform to turn connections into paying customers. 

With LinkedIn, you can build a working strategy for generating revenue. As long as the platform is one of the most effective channels for attracting new leads, you can create a consistent flow of those leads and turn them into paying customers. You only need the right tools at your fingertips. 

In this article, you’ll find insights that will turn your connections on LinkedIn into actual clients. 

Find a reason to make contact

Everything starts with making a connection. We suggest following the golden rule here — choose quality over quantity. Don’t chase the number. It’s better to have few connections, but those who resonate with your brand. So, look carefully through profiles, and analyze who these people are.

Let them know that you are not contacting just everybody and that they were picked for a reason. When contacting them, don’t start with a general template. Make it personal and let people know about the latest offer or the conference that will drive their attention.

The main idea is to provide something that will be of interest and value to the prospects.

Show your activity in the industry 

It takes only a couple of minutes to upload the post or update the status. So why not tell your connection what you’re working on, who are your partners, and what professional events you are participating in. This will show your professional engagement and current activity within the industry.

Share the content like posts and articles that your followers and connection find of value. Don’t hide your expertise, and let people know that you are constantly developing your skills. Build credibility and authority through an easy way — publishing articles and posts.

One more way to show off and make an impression by sharing your knowledge is to participate in groups where your customers can be. There are lots of training groups you can join and interact with other top performers in the industry. 

Reach out through personalized messages

People don’t know the value you can offer them beforehand. You should take the first step here and reach out to the prospect with the proposal. Give them a reason to make business with you. 

How to add a personal touch to the connection request? Be a stalker for a little — go through the person’s profile and find some details like what is their occupation, education, interests, and content they have been engaging with recently.

Sometimes it could be overwhelming to manually choose recipients and create messages for every one of them. In this case, you can make use of automation. The tools, similar to Linked Helper simplify all the processes ten times. Linked Helper, being a LinkedIn message automation tool, makes it easier to create personalized messages and send them out to dozens of people at a time. It also identifies the replies and allows setting automated responses.

These insights that you will find you can use to craft the message that will contain some individual details. This way, you will show the prospect that you are interested in getting in touch with them exactly and not with other people who received the same generic message. 

Engage in further communication 

Your interaction with a prospect does not end with an invitation request and their acceptance of it. Continue the dialogue and support their interest. Keep engaging and strengthen the connection, which will help build a long-lasting relationship. 

Use different ways to attract their attention. It could be anything. For example, you can thank them for accepting the invitation, comment on any activity on their profile, or ask them to leave feedback on your new product. 

Thus, you’ll stay on the radar and show interest in upholding the communication. 

The result is beneficial to you — you are building strong relationships with your customers who grow loyalty towards your brand. 


The process of finding and winning clients through LinkedIn is not as difficult as it seems. It requires consistency and a system of well-working techniques. 

Provide value for your prospects, build dialogue and develop relationships. Your goal is not only to finalize the one-time sale but make them stay with your brand and become the one solution they will choose over competitors.