Easy Steps for Getting Amazing Turntable Sound

Vinyl records are gaining popularity as of late. But just plugging in a record to your turntable doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting the best sounds right of the go. In order to get the best sound from your records, it is important to handle them with care.

Before we get into how to improve the sound quality of your record, it’s important to know how a turntable plays your record. If you look at a record, you will find that its surface is laden with spiral-shaped grooves. These grooves are laced with tiny bumps that are as small as a micron. A stylus or a needle, whatever one might call it, is used to read these bumps.

The stylus moves over these grooves and converts these distortions into electric signals, which are converted into the sound that you hear. Thus any disturbance, be it vibrations or scratches or dust, can degrade the sound quality tremendously.

The stylus or the cartridge is undoubtedly the most important part of a turntable. Nowadays, you can choose from quality brands such as Audio Technica, Pioneer or Tetrad cartridges and styli. The sound quality mostly depends on how well the cartridge does its job in playing a record. If it is inaccurate or unpredictable, you cannot do much to save your sound quality. Thus it becomes essential to equip your turntable with a good turntable cartridge. Check out the best available turntable cartridges here.

In order to get the best output from your records, it is very important to clean it regularly, take proper care of it and be careful why playing a record. Storing records properly is very important. Records should always be stored in a vertical manner and should never be allowed to stack on top of each other.

Otherwise, they might warp and become unplayable. You can store records in your bookshelf or get a dedicated cardboard storage box. You can even create a cardboard storage box for your records by yourself.

Records should always be stored in inner sleeves. Bad sleeves can scratch the record, leave behind unwanted particles, and make them static. It is a good idea to store the records in good quality sleeves so that their quality doesn’t get affected.

The next point is something that everyone will be able to follow with just a little care. It’s very important to handle your records carefully. You shouldn’t touch the surface of the record with your bare hands. Records should be handled only by the edges and the labels.

Otherwise, you might leave scratches on the surface of the record and ruin it. Also, records should not be left out in the open for long periods of time to accumulate dust. Playing dusty records gives not only a bad sound output but also damages the stylus. A carbon fiber brush is a great tool for keeping your record clean.

Wet cleaning is another great method of keeping your records clean. Not only will it remove the accumulated dust, but it will also remove any static electricity that has accumulated on the records.

I hope all these suggestions will help you keep your records in the best shape and play them to their best capacity.