8 Types of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is such a familiar term, but it affects the ones who suffer the most. Anxiety is not very rare and unique; it affects ⅓ of the population. Every third house has someone suffering from anxiety and depression.

Anxiety is not just a state of mind; it occurs to someone who is suffering from time to time. It can occur to anyone and everyone just that the trigger point gets activated. It is normal to be stressful and anxious, but for those who deal with this problem regularly, it is best advised to seek out a professional anxiety treatment centre.

There are several types of anxiety disorder:

1. Generalised anxiety disorder: GAD is an underlying condition that remains persistent due to excessive anxiety about certain events and issues. The extreme level of worrying tends to dysfunctional the ability of the circumstances, sometimes difficult to control, and starts triggering. Generalised anxiety disorder and depression go hand in hand.

2. Panic disorder: Panic attacks or disorders are generally recurring episodes of intense extreme fear and anxiety. These feelings or the sudden rise of emotions gets to their peak and subside within 30 minutes maximum.

These might be unnerving at times, and the need to talk to someone or be with someone to reassure oneself that everything is good. This might not be life-threatening, but it does give the feeling of everything going bad, or that life is a worthless kind of feeling.

3. Social anxiety disorder: Social phobia and anxiety are mental health conditions followed by fear, anxiety, and avoiding social situations. This could be due to feelings of self-consciousness or embarrassment which occurs to oneself.

For some, they just love the company of others, and for many, they hate to socialise. For the ones suffering from a social anxiety disorder, the mere thought of any social gathering makes them feel vulnerable.

4. Separation anxiety disorder: This kind of disorder is basically from childhood. The fear of being separated from the parents, friends or siblings or even grandparents gets stuck in the child’s mind. This leads to a stigma in the child’s mind for the rest of their life, creating a vacuum and trust issues.

5. Substance-induced anxiety disorder: These disorders are due to addiction or overuse of misusing or abusing medications or illicit drugs. This kind of addiction, when left disappointed due to some circumstances, leads to severe anxiety attacks. The treatment lies in various treatments at professional rehab centres.

6. Obsessive-compulsive disorder: This kind of disorder occurs due to highly obsessive-compulsive behaviour. This kind of behaviour leads to severe anxiety attacks. This may lead to seeking medical help or even harming oneself to an extent due to compulsion.

7. Post-traumatic stress disorder: These are bouts of anxiety attacks. One gets affected by the failure to recover after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. The condition lasts months or even for years, with constant triggers of a past traumatic event.

8. Specific phobia: This disorder is adapted to a specific phobia. The phobia can be anything from insects to people, to animals to geographical conditions, which triggers a panic within a person. This can be treated with the help of a professional who can separate the fear from the person.

Find the Best Anxiety/Addiction Treatment Programs

There are several anxiety treatment programs across the world like this recovery community. These programs help a person who is dealing with any sort of anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders may look very normal or trivial to people, but it might be near to death experience for the ones suffering.

Anxiety Treatment Center offers a wide range of treatments and therapies for anxiety-inflicted persons. These treatments improve the mental wellness of an individual with an individualised approach.

There are programs for all kinds of people experiencing any sight of anxiety. These anxieties may disrupt their daily life; hence a Treatment or the help of a medical professional is needed. Medications And Psychotherapy are generally prescribed.

Lastly, Anxiety attacks might be triggering and fearful for many. The depressed state of mind leads to various bouts of self-loathing and cursing oneself. These attacks may even harm oneself physically, so getting treated at the right time is not at all shameful or social stigma but a need to reassure oneself of a good life ahead. Sometimes, a small gadget can have great power to calm you down. For example, you can spin a fidget ring to reduce anxiety.