What Are the Different Types of SEO Agencies That Exist Today?

Search engine optimization is a necessity in today’s business environment, but there are several types of SEO agencies out there. SEO has changed significantly, and many companies specialize in the various niches.

As an online business, what type of SEO company is best for you? If you choose the wrong type, then you can’t maximize your goals and conversions. We’ll examine the most common types of SEO companies and what they can do for your business.

With this information, you can choose the best type of SEO and the best SEO agency for your business.

Types of SEO Agencies: Local SEO

If your business is regional or has a specific service area, then you want local SEO. Local SEO is about garnering traffic and conversions for customers within your service area. The best SEO company for local businesses makes sure your Google My Business profile is filled out completely.

They create localized content for your website and provide review and business listing management. Both are highly searchable on Google. Companies that specialize in local SEO have opportunities that other agencies wouldn’t have.

Technical SEO

SEO isn’t just about content on the page. There are many aspects that require backend work on the website, and this is called technical SEO. Technical SEO often optimizes the website for speed or to make it easier for bots to crawl the site.

For example, page speed is an important ranking factor, so technical SEO experts improve the page loading speed by compressing CSS or Java scripts. They install schema markup to provide context for search bots.

Since this requires some programming knowledge, SEO programming specialists handle technical SEO issues. It’s important that only qualified people handle technical SEO issues as doing it incorrectly can cause problems with the website and rank on Google.

National SEO

This is the most common SEO and involves ranking for search queries on a national level. Businesses that ship to every state or don’t have a regional shopping area are covered by national SEO.

National SEO requires ranking for general keywords that don’t have a localized element to them. Competition on the national SEO level can be fierce, so websites with low domain authority may rank better for longer-tail keywords. These keywords have less search volume, but also less competition.

As the domain authority increases, it becomes easier to rank for higher competition keywords. National SEO companies also provide backlinking, keyword research, and optimized content.

You can learn more about national SEO and see if it’s the right type for your website.

Choose the Best Marketing Company

If you’re a small business owner and want more traffic to your store or website, then you to choose from the numerous types of SEO agencies.

Some agencies provide multiple SEO services and others provide specialized services. Choosing the best SEO agency that is best for your business is imperative for maximum conversions.

If you want to know more about the various types of SEO and what they can do for your website, then please explore our site.