Ukraine Models

Ukrainian models conquer the fashion podium for many years. This is really a natural process as the Ukrainian nation is believed to be the most beautiful in the world. Haute couture loves to hire beautiful Ukraine women to represent their stunning collections to the public.

When it comes to the combination of work productivity and beauty Ukraine models have no competitors. If you want to meet a beautiful girl who builds her career in modeling, choose the reliable website, where real models look for serious dates. Read more to get to know about real Ukrainian models and what they are famous for.

The Appearance of Ukrainian Models

Ukrainian girls dream to become models when they are young, and it is a normal dream for many girls all over the world. The reality is that becoming a model is not as easy as it seems to be. We can compare it with a sports career. To become a professional athlete, you have to train from childhood. The same goes for fashion modeling.

We can state without any doubt, that all Ukrainian girls are beautiful. That is why the level of competition is really strong from the very beginning. What is the appearance of Ukrainian models?

Ukrainian girls have all types of beauty. If you think about Ukraine girl dating, be sure that you will find the type of appearance you adore. Mostly, Ukrainian beauties are tender and slim with light or light brown hair and fair eyes. But you can find Ukrainian ladies with stunning hazel eyes and dark hair as well.

There are many nationalities living in Ukraine, so it is ok to meet Ukrainian beauties with all types of appearance. You can look at top models like Snezhana Onopko, Dior-favorite supermodel Alla Kostromicheva, and Kyiv veteran Irina Kravchenko to find out the beauty of Ukrainian ladies is very diverse.

Many Ukrainian models live and work abroad, and become stars of catwalks in Milan, Paris, and New York. Among them are such beautiful ladies as Victoria Sasonkina, Natalia Piro, and Olga Kirilenko. Ukrainian girls are welcomed on the glossy covers of well-known fashion magazines and cooperation with modern brands is also not a rare thing.

Some girls started their career from Kyiv modeling school, the others went directly abroad and were noticed by fashion brands. So, if you think about dating a Ukrainian model, you have a high chance to meet a lady who is going to conquer the fashion podium soon.

Some Facts About Ukrainian Models

Ukrainian models have entered the world of fashion and fascinate their fans with the combination of hard work and stunning appearance. Here are some facts about these famous fashion ladies.

Natalia Piro

This red-haired Ukrainian beauty with chameleon eyes came to the fashion world by simple chance. She has never visited any modeling school and joined the modeling contest in Odessa just for fun.

When she won the Black Sea Pearl contest supported by her parents, she was noticed by the Next agency and moved to New York. This city became her new home where she has conquered all possible fashion nominations.

Victoria Sasonkina

Victoria is a well-known Ukrainian model with blonde hair and transparent blue eyes. She was learning art at school being a child and entered engineering University later.

She never had plans to have a model career, though, she went on the fashion show to support her friend and was noticed by the American organization Major Management. Today, she has contracts all over the world.

Snezhana Onopko

Snezhana is a straightforward lady with grey eyes and fair hair. She wanted to become a model from her childhood but her first steps in her native Lugansk region were not successful. She has moved to Kyiv and was noticed there.

She was working hard to make an impressive career and be noticed by popular fashion agencies. She has hundreds of successful collaborations with popular modeling agencies and fashion photographers.

Alla Kostromicheva

Alla has joined the Ukrainian modeling agency at the age of 16 in Sevastopol, Crimea. She was noticed by famous Milan’s modeling agency Why Not and was offered a contract with Givenchy pretty soon.

Nowadays, Alla is one of the most successful beautiful Ukrainian models with her own modeling school and many impressive fashion cooperations with leading fashion houses.


As you see, Ukrainian girls are beautiful models as they work hard and look great. Ukrainian ladies know that to be noticed is not enough if you do not work hard on improvements later.

If you want to meet a Ukrainian princess or a model, you have to join the right site to find her. Who knows, probably your special lady is waiting for you there, as working a lot does not leave much time to build relationships in real life. That is why it is easier to meet a Ukrainian model online.