Everything You Should Understand Before Dating a Russian

Russia isn’t exactly like how we see it in the news or hear it from somebody else.

As amusing as cultural stereotypes go, it is always best to give the Russians — or anyone — the chance to show who they are. Whether you’re here to study Russia or badly need tips to woo your ideal Russian date, this article is for you.

We talked about the ideal things to know before dating a Russian. We also added a few tips to be sure you don’t embarrass yourself in front of them.

Take to heart all the things we mentioned and enjoy!

Russian Dating Culture

In the past, most Russians considered courtship as the next step to marriage. When looking for a woman to marry, men picked someone that fit societal standards — feminine-like and domesticated.

Some Russian men looked at a lady as a prized possession. They treated them as if they were fragile and needed constant security. They also needed a wife to take care of the children, clean the house, and cook for them.

On the other hand, traditional Russian society taught women to be quiet, well-behaved, caring, and content. Due to Russia’s economic depression, most women’s common goal was to marry someone with high social status and societal links.

Today, women are freer to express themselves without worrying about society’s expectations. They can now pursue their careers and marry whomever they want, whenever they wish to. Meanwhile, men now treat women equally. They now respect and support all their endeavors.

Generally speaking, men and women in Russia are more carefree. Time, experience, and history shaped a more guarded but honest, rational, and heartwarming Russia.

Pros and Cons in Dating a Russian Single

Dating someone who doesn’t share your ethnic background poses more challenges than one can think of. If you are the type to weigh things out, this pros and cons list will work well for you! 


1. Family-oriented

If you’re the type of person to prefer someone that loves their family dearly, Russians would fit just right in.

Russians hold great importance to family — extended family included — and close friends. This is traceable to the fact that families in traditional Russia needed to share each other’s resources to survive economically.

Russians have carried this quality today. They’ve even learned to only trust each other because of it. And by that, they always seem to need to hear life advice from their parents or grandparents.

2. Loving and Committed

With Russians’ high regard for family, they are also sure to care for their partner profoundly and faithfully. They will do anything they can to keep the relationship strong and healthy. You would rarely see a couple give up way quickly as they believe that anything worth keeping is worth all the sacrifices.

3. Honest

Russians are blunt and opinionated people. They don’t enjoy nonsensical talks about the weather or a television show. Russians, in general, prefer to talk about deep discussions about world affairs or mental health issues.

With this, Russians are intrinsically honest beings. They don’t want to go around the bush or sugarcoat things to soften the blow. People in Russia would like to go straight to the point, whether or not it will turn the situation awkward.

If you’re also the blunt type of person, a Russian date would fit well with your standards. Their honesty would also be a plus.

4. Full of Wisdom

Russia has a rich past. The experiences they had to go through have widened their view on life.

As such, their wisdom is commendable. They have a mature perspective on some issues that we would only think are shallow. Russians will be ideal if you like to be with someone you can talk about real and profound matters in life.

5. Fun and Carefree

All types of interethnic relationships are a great and exciting adventure. But you’ll be doubly surprised at how fun Russians can be if you date them.

Russians are funny and carefree, and they enjoy occasional drinking, too! As part of their recreational time with friends and family, they throw around punchlines.


1. Language Barrier

A significant amount of Russians can speak and understand English. However, not many of the population can converse fluently.

When dating a Russian single, the language barrier is your biggest roadblock. It seems to have the magical power to turn any sweet and genuine gesture into something faulty.

If you’ve only ever met your date in the virtual space, language translators available online could be your savior. However, if you’re planning to settle with your ideal partner in the future, it’s always wise to learn the Russian language. 

2. Cultural Differences

While you’re studying the Russian language, be sure to learn their culture as well.

Like language, the differences could be a pain for you both. By learning your Russian partner’s background, you slowly get to understand them. Eventually, you try to be patient when they do anything that pisses you off.

3. Long-Distance Relationship

Making sure a relationship works is a struggle. Ensuring that it works with an added distance to account for is going to be extra challenging.

Setting call time is one thing, but adjusting it to accommodate emergency appointments can make a couple grow tired in the long run. If you wish to work for it, be sure to carry a large sack of patience with you. And, don’t be angry at your partner before they even get the chance to explain themselves.

4. Family’s Opinion 

In Russia, there’s a saying that goes something like this: “We don’t hate you for your race; we just hate the world in general.”

With this, Russian elderlies have prejudices against people outside of Russia. In many aspects, this is also easily linked to the Soviet’s regime that led everyone to only trust their families.

If you wish to impress your future partner’s family, prove that their preconceived biases aren’t true. Show them that you are different, unlike what they hear in the news or learn from others.

You got this!

Falling in love with someone you don’t share cultural values with could be a challenge. But in many aspects, it could be exciting.

Whatever your odds of finding an ideal partner in Russia are, our top advice would be this: be sincere with your feelings and intentions.

Don’t put too much weight on your shoulders and just enjoy the journey. You got this!