Most Unique Monthly Subscription Boxes to Get Delivered

Monthly subscription boxes have been on the rise in recent years. After all, with these boxes, you can get just about anything delivered, whether it’s food or items to inspire self-leadership. All you have to do is jump online, sift through your options, order what interests you, and then get it straight to your door. Below are some of the most unique monthly subscription boxes to help get you started with this process.


If food sparks your interest the most, look no further than snack subscription boxes. With these boxes, you can have snacks imported from around the world to try out every month. You have a large pick, whether you want to try chocolate treats from Belgium or spicy chips from Mexico. Joining the club is as easy as a few clicks, or you can even give these subscription boxes as a gift to a snack-loving relative or friend.

Escape Room Games

These days, you don’t have to go to an Escape Room to actually escape a room — you can get one delivered to you instead. In these exciting boxes, you will receive a puzzle that acts as the room for you to escape. You’ll be given many additional clues that fit a different city and culture every month so that you can travel the world right from your living room.

Some kits even come with fun accessories or t-shirts to sport as part of the game or in your own life. This is a great box idea for families who would like to enjoy a family game night for a couple of hours once a month.

Fandom Goodies

If you label yourself as a nerd or geek of various hit movies, shows, or books, you’ll definitely want to look into fandom boxes. You can enjoy getting goodies from movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or any of the Marvel series. What you get varies greatly as well. For instance, one month, you can receive a cool graphic tee of your favorite series, and the next, an interactive toy. After a few months of receiving these crates, you will have built up quite the collection.

Tarot Boxes

For fans of tarot cards and divination, there are plenty of options, too. Every month you will receive such items as a deck of tarot cards, unique jewelry, incense, candles, sage, and books. You can use these items to help you find your inspiration and as part of your practice or enjoy having them around the house. Every crate you receive can act as a new learning experience for you as you broaden your collection of tarot-inspired, educational items.

Leadership Crates

Sometimes we all need a little motivation, and leadership crates can take us there. Perfect for individuals or groups alike, these crates contain inspiration books, quotes, journals, worksheets, and even some self-care items, too. You can share your own leadership journey with fellow leadership crate subscribers to keep each other inspired as well through interactive QR codes and social media links.