What Is An Unlimited Mobile Data Plan in Singapore

The Internet becomes a vital need in our everyday life. Being connected to the internet means being connected with the world. Mobile phones are the most commonly used gadget to connect through the internet all over the globe. Having mobile data plans make your connection possible wherever you are.

If you travel often or always need a connection outside your home, having an unlimited mobile data plan sounds good. Internet connectivity in Singapore is a breeze. Singapore has Free Public WiFi available in different areas and various options for mobile data plans and prepaid plans.

What is an unlimited data plan in Singapore?

The word unlimited sounds appealing. But is it really unlimited? Yes, the mobile data that you are getting is not limited. However, your high-speed internet is limited. This is called a data cap or a bandwidth cap, the limit of the amount of data you can use. You still have unlimited data, but your connection may slow down to provide fair access to other users.

A standard unlimited mobile data plan provides you unlimited internet data up to a certain data cap, unlimited minutes for calling, and unlimited messages. 22-23 GB is the usual data cap. So once you used 23 GB of our data, your internet may slow down. Other networks also offer a higher data cap that you can enjoy for an additional cost.

Getting an unlimited mobile data plan in Singapore is a great option if you want to stay connected. Local telco providers offer different mobile data plans that suit your needs.

If you don’t have an internet connection at home, getting an Unlimited Mobile data plan will suit you. Although fiber connections offer a more stable internet connection, having an unlimited mobile plan may cost you less. It is also a great alternative if you are not a heavy user.