Best Ways To Upgrade Your Apartment

Not everyone can afford to buy an actual home. City living usually means renting an apartment to either be closer to a job or to take advantage of cheaper rates. Whatever your reason for renting is, you can still benefit from some upgrades that will make your apartment life a little bit better, especially if you’re planning to stay for a while.

So in this article, we’ll help you make that decision by coming up with a list of the best ways you can upgrade your apartment today.

1. Try urban gardening

Urban gardening is both functional and therapeutic. And even if you don’t have a backyard or a lot of space, there are several cool plant box options for you to put your newest plant friends by the window or on the balcony. You can grow herbs like basil, oregano, and rosemary for flavorful meals. In fact, you can add garlic and green onion, too.

Planting in an apartment is not just possible, but it’s actually way easier than you think. Just be sure to check up on them when necessary and give them the love they deserve. Start with one plant, and if you can get it to grow nicely, then try adding a few more under your care.

2. Invest in a better bed or a bed topper

Everyone should invest in an amazing bed or at least buy a bed topper at least once in their life. Why? Well, great sleep is a key contributor to our health and continued productivity throughout the day (or night).

So if anything, you deserve to go to sleep in a bed that will make you feel comfortable and rested every time. Take note that lighting, noise, and your diet should also be considered to truly be able to get a good night’s sleep. But having an amazing bed will definitely help.

3. Transform your apartment into a smart home

You may have to check this one out with your landlord, but once you get their approval, installing a few smart devices can generally be a breeze. Among the stuff you should totally get for your apartment include a smart thermostat, smart lighting, smart outlets, and, of course, a virtual assistant device of your choice to help control them all.

4. Give your bathroom the facelift it deserves

If your bedroom is a place of rest, your bathroom should be a sanctuary for privacy. So even if you’re living in an apartment, there is no reason for you not to make the bathroom your own by transforming it into the bathroom of your dreams! To spice up your bathroom, you can do simple add-ons like installing a vanity mirror or adding a rain shower head.

But it can also be as major as overhauling the entire system and replacing toilets, fixtures, and even the bathtub, with your landlord’s permission, of course!

5. Switch to solar

There’s no reason for you not to get solar power, even if you’re living in an apartment. If your landlord doesn’t know about it, then you can advocate upgrading your entire building by installing solar power through solar farms such as Choose Solar.

Solar farms are basically large groups of solar panels that deliver solar energy to entire communities at a given time. This means you don’t need to install any solar panels on your building’s roof to take advantage of cleaner and better electricity. To learn more about this, you can head on over to

Apartment living can ultimately become a paradise if you follow these tips. You are welcome to add more and customize your upgrades. but with these, you can surely impress any guest and family member who would come to visit. Plus, it’s going to make your home life a lot more bearable as we continue living amid a global pandemic.