Homeowner’s Tips: 3 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home to Attract More Buyers

Owning a home is a huge investment to manage, especially if you want to eventually sell your home in the future. But this is actually where the fun part is. Because you get to invest in making your home more valuable over time.

Ultimately, we all have a sense of style that we prefer. And while style and taste are completely subjective, there are some universal qualities of a home that should always be considered before building in new, trendy motifs or modifications.

If you think about it, you want your home to feel comfortable to you, but you also want to ensure that you maintain buyer’s appeal if you wish to sell your home. And you can do this by using a few simple home upgrade techniques.

If you’re looking to make a profit off of your home, the following article will explore a few tips for achieving this goal.

1. Landscape

The first thing you or anyone coming to view your property is going to see is not only the structure of your home, but the overall landscape as well. And this is what gives anyone their first impression of a home. So, you’ll want to make it a good one.

If you’ve ever heard of “curb appeal,” this is what quality landscaping gives you. And this doesn’t end at the front yard alone. You’ll also want to tie in the backyard with a landscaping design.

Whether you choose to add floral gardens, pavers, pathways, or elaborate fountains and coy ponds is entirely up to you and your budget. Just remember that going the extra mile will cost a bit more, but simply tidying up your landscape design is where you want to begin.

In addition, when you begin landscaping, you’ll want to stay away from chemical herbicides and use natural methods instead. And while weeds may be unsightly, chemical herbicides like Roundup have been linked to the development of cancer in humans.

2. Additions

If there’s anything that can add value to a home it’s adding square footage. And with the price per square foot of a home being well above market value in 2021, adding even 15 extra square feet can produce a huge bump in equity.

You might think that a home addition is a huge undertaking, but you don’t have to think extravagantly when it comes to an addition. Even removing a wall adds extra space, and this is a relatively easy process.

But before you go grab your goggles and wield your sledgehammer like Thor, you may also consider adding a bump-out style room.

A bump-out simply gives a room extra space, such as with a breakfast nook. In fact, you might only elect to add a few square feet, and this is plenty enough to add value to your home.

3. Update the Outdated

There’s a huge difference in the homes being built today than you’ll find in established neighborhoods from the ’70s and ’80s. In fact, you might find most of the homes built in older neighborhoods to be quite charming from the outside, but once you get inside you might be turned off.

Older homes have accents, attributes, and wallpaper that just doesn’t fit with a modern look. And since most home buyers often pay attention to design trends, you’ll want to keep this in mind also.

Basically, that duck wallpaper or those rooster curtains might be cute for Grandma’s home, but this isn’t exactly considered stylish for a 20-something professional. To each their own, of course, but if you want to land buyers who pore over design trends in modern home markets, you might want to lose the ducks.

Sprucing up your home will work wonders for when you decide to place it on the open market. But you really need to dig deep if you want your home to sell in today’s buyer’s market. And making an investment in upgrades is definitely the way to achieve this goal.