4 Ways To Use CBD For Natural Healing

Cannabidiol (commonly known as CBD) is known for its possible health benefits. It’s believed to help relieve numerous medical conditions despite some controversy around CBD products.

There are many ways to use or take CBD. You can either inhale it, ingest it, or apply it directly to your skin.

This article will discuss the different ways you can use CBD to help aid natural healing and get the best results from it.

1. Inhale It

use cbd for natural healing

Inhaling CBD is one of the safest and most effective ways of using or consuming CBD. Inhaling CBD is either done by smoking or vaping.

When CBD is inhaled through the lungs, it’s sent to the brain before it gets broken down by the liver, making inhalation a faster method for administering CBD into the body. Up to 20-30% of the CBD is absorbed by the body right away through inhalation. Aside from that, the heat from smoking or vaping CBD converts it into its neutral forms.

Because of how fast CBD can be absorbed through inhalation, this method may be appropriate for people who are dealing with acute problems, such as nausea or chronic pain.

2. Ingest It

Another effective way of using CBD is to ingest it in the form of edibles, such as capsules, oils, gummies, etc.

CBD edibles are increasing in popularity because not only are they tasty and good for the health, but they also contain a pre-measured dose. They’re ideal for beginners since you no longer have to figure out yourself how much CBD you need take daily. Plus, you can take and consume one whenever you want.

Keep in mind that it’s essential not to confuse CBD oil with hemp oil as they’re two different products. Well, to be fair, it’s easy to confuse hemp for CBD since both substances are derived from the cannabis plant family.

However, despite having the same source and both possessing the potential to bring therapeutic benefits, they actually differ in terms of the part of the cannabis plant they’re made from and how the oil itself is made.

Also, since CBD interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system, many people use CBD oil primarily in the holistic or alternative wellness approach. On the other hand, hemp oil is mostly incorporated into skincare and food products. You can see CBD Oil and hemp oil compared here if you want to learn more about their differences.

Aside from oils, CBD gummies and capsules are also a popular choice because they offer a fun and exciting way of using CBD. However, keep in mind that the body will take much longer to absorb CBD if it’s ingested. Since it passes through the digestive system, it may take a while for its health benefits to kick in, although they actually last longer.

3. Topical Application

use cbd for natural healing

What if you only feel discomfort or pain on a particular part of your body? Maybe, after a tough day at work, you end up having sore muscles, joints, or skin irritation due to a long commute from your workplace to your home. This is where CBD topicals may be effective in relieving pain or discomfort in certain parts of your body. The therapeutic effects of CBD topicals are believed to be caused by cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

The magic happens once the skin absorbs topical CBD products. These include lotions, creams, salves, ointments, and balms. Note that besides providing therapeutic benefits, topical CBD products may also help moisturize your skin and lessen aging’s visible signs. That’s why many people see them as some of the best organic and natural skincare products available in the market.

If inhalation or ingesting CBD isn’t for you, you should consider using topical CBD products. Applying topical CBD products may ideal for people who experience sore muscles, migraines, and even skin conditions.

CBD topical products are very straightforward to use. Simply apply a dollop of cream, ointment, or balm on a particular part of your body, massage it a little bit, and enjoy its effects as soon as the active cannabinoids are absorbed by your skin.

4. Sublingual Consumption

use cbd for natural healing

If you’re looking for the fastest way of administering CBD to promote natural healing for your body, then look no further than tinctures. Your body can benefit from CBD tinctures by way of sublingual consumption, wherein you apply a drop or two of the product under your tongue, and, then, letting it stay from 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing it.

This method allows CBD to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream instead of having to metabolize it inside your body and have it pass through multiple body systems before you experience its effects.

Using this method is ideal for people who are looking for a high CBD dosage to help them manage more serious conditions or for people who have a high tolerance to CBD. As soon as you swallow the tincture, it’ll only take 15-20 minutes for you to experience its effects on your body!

Final Thoughts

Using CBD for natural healing is a highly personalized experience. So, it’s hard to say what is the most effective method of use for each person. The most effective method varies from one person to another. It all depends on finding out which one works best for you. There will be trial and error involved here, but it is also the most fun part of it all!