How To Use Sildenafil Successfully?

If you listen to the latest trends you might assume that Sildenafil can help you fix your problems of erectile dysfunction in an instant. The truth is not always that simple. Although Sildenafil has demonstrated to impact men’s erections. You still need to know how to use it properly for it to work.

If you do not take the ‘little blue pill’ correctly, you will find that it does not work as easily, as fast, or for as long as you might want it to. It is important to understand the functioning of the drug to make sure that you get the best results.

How Does Sildenafil Work?

The muscles at the base of the penis relax to allow blood to flow into the member to make it physically erect. This happens when a man is naturally aroused. But for some people these muscles may contract, meaning they restrict the flow of blood to the member, much sooner than they would like. The erection is no longer maintained, as soon as the muscles contract.

The enzyme which causes the muscles to contract is PDE5. Sildenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor so that it can prevent the muscles from contracting too soon. But just taking Sildenafil does not mean that you will get an erection. Several other circumstances affect the efficiency of the productivity of the drug.

What Factors Affect The Efficiency Of Sildenafil?

Just like any other drug, Sildenafil can be affected by biological and psychological factors.

1. Are You Aroused?

Sildenafil will only work if you are aroused. It will not automatically cause an erection to occur without the arousal. Are you psychologically stressed or do you have something you can’t get out of your mind? Have you lost interest in sex and do you need counselling?

2. Eating A Heavy Meal

Sildenafil can be absorbed into your system only as fast as the nutrients in your last meal. It might take a while for the Sildenafil to affect your system if you had a very heavy meal. Try taking the drug on an empty stomach to increase its potency. Do not drink grapefruit juice with this drug because it can have unwanted side effects.

3. Having A Strong Dosage

Sildenafil is available in tablets from 25mg to 100mg. The recommended dosage for the drug is usually 50mg. You can speak to your physician about increasing your dosage if you are not getting the recommended results. It is important NOT to self-prescribe a certain amount of drug strength without the approval of a physician first.

Remember a Sildenafil overdose can have multiple negative side-effects.

4. Using Alcohol & Other Recreational Drugs

Prolonged use of alcohol and some recreational drugs are connected to erection problems. Alcohol reduces the amount of blood flowing into the penis. Having alcohol alongside Sildenafil will decrease the potency and effectiveness of Sildenafil. Another physical concern is that both Sildenafil and alcohol both reduce blood pressure, and this can become physically problematic.

Steps To Take If Sildenafil Is Still Not Working?

Speak to a qualified physician if Sildenafil is not working for you. Initially, the medical practitioner might increase your dose. A general physician might find that there are undiagnosed medical conditions.