Here’s How You Can Use Video Content to Increase Conversions!

Companies seeking to build a robust online presence face a crucial challenge.

On the one hand, they need to produce content to boost customer engagement— in the world of social media, everything hinges on that! But on the other, that content is ultimately useless if it fails to motivate audiences to take action.

Finding the right formula between customer engagement and lead conversion is a major task that demands preparation. But when used properly, a video marketing strategy can be the key to drive audiences closer to your brand!

Armed with the right video, you can help your audience throughout their buying journey—whether it’s to build greater trust in your company or address any uncertainties about your products or services. Video with employee testimonial also guarantee people conversion and you find many employee testimonial samples which you can use.

To help you figure out the type of video that better fits your company, we’ve created this guide that tells you everything you need to know about the subject. Along the way, you’ll learn strategies to optimize your next video campaign.

Showcasing Brand Values and Building Confidence

When customers approach your brand, they are looking for more than a sales pitch. Deep down, they sympathize more with companies when they feel heard; when they know that, behind your logo, there are real people who understand their problems and needs.

The following types of video will help you foster this sense of trust that sometimes is not so easy to convey to your customers.

Company Story Videos

While many marketers prefer heavily promotional formulas to generate conversions, they forget that one of their company’s greatest assets is the very team that drives it.

Through company story videos, you get to produce content to empathize with your audience with nothing more than the real-life stories that happen at your operation sites. You can use these pieces to tell different types of anecdotes and adapt them to several purposes, such as:

• Interview members of your company (e. g., employees, managers, artists, CEO) to share their unique perspectives on the work they do daily.

• Take viewers through the company’s offices, common areas, and open spaces, giving them an exclusive tour.

• Show them clips covering the production processes, such as how the machinery operates or what work takes place in the various offices and workshops.

Whatever your ultimate choice (or combination of them), giving your viewers this kind of video will allow them to appreciate the values and ideals involved in your work.

Testimonial Videos

Another valuable asset your company has is the happy customers you have already served. No one better than them can provide helpful, incisive, and honest feedback about their experience with your brand and products.

So, if you have contact with them (and you should), then invite them to be part of your next video testimonial. As a substitute for written reviews, recorded testimonials from past customers give clear guidance and confidence to those prospects who need a little nudge for a purchase decision.

Use these videos to explore all aspects relevant to your viewers. Don’t just have interviewees talk about the features of your product. More crucial may be their insights into how they learned about your services in the first place and what unique benefits they found after trying them out.

Effectively Communicating a Product’s Features

A crucial part of the conversion process is to effectively communicate the qualities of your product. But this is tricky: customers don’t just want to be told wonderful things about your solution. Instead, they prefer to see for themselves what’s there and form their own judgment.

Thanks to video content, you have more resources and power to bring more clarity about your solution.

Product videos

You can design top-notch landing pages, write compelling write-ups and descriptions, and even take amazing, professional photos of your product. Still, in some cases, it can be a bit difficult for the customer to gain a full perspective of what to expect from your product.

With the help of a product demo video, a “features highlights” piece, or a whiteboard animation, you can easily overcome those barriers. These pieces feature your product in different manners, giving you a lot of room to present it to your audience. Allowing you to:

• Offer a close-up view of the product’s details.
• Review its features.
• Demonstrate its use or application live.
• Employ the product to perform a special task.

Or virtually anything that comes into your mind.

Just be sure to make it interactive. Instead of just telling viewers about all the cool things you can use your product for, employ actors to give a vivid example of what audiences can soon buy for themselves.

Animated Explainer Videos

By using eye-catching characters and visuals, a tight script, and effective branding, animated explainer videos are one of the most beloved types of content for audiences all around. But the core of what makes video explainers shine when it comes to introducing your products lies in the structure and formula they follow:

• The context: Having your characters go through situations and problems similar to what your audience faces on their day-to-day will allow you to frame your message and make it appealing.

• The solution: Once you get your audience hooked with your story, you must introduce your product as a solution. Go over how its unique features and options easily fix the problem at hand.

• The call to action: What is the main message you want your viewers to walk away with? Is it to buy the product or to try a free trial? Be sure to indicate it by the end, along with your website and social media handles.

Build your video (and story) around those three key points, and you’ll have a persuasive video to lead prospects closer to conversion.

Dealing with Consumer Concerns

Some customers will have more than a few questions here and there; they look for complete reassurance about your company or products before making a purchase. To anticipate their concerns and objections, you can use the following videos to dispel and overcome last-minute resistance.

FAQs Videos

Communicating all aspects of your product is a major issue that is often impossible to achieve with a single video or post. To address your audience’s most common questions, you need more time in which to go at length and into greater depth.

FAQ videos are just the platform where you can elaborate on answering your customers’ questions and objections. In this type of video, you can deal with key topics such as:

• How to use the product’s functionalities.
• What custom options are available for purchase (e. g., sizes, colors).
• What uses the product can be put to.
• Installation or maintenance details.

By featuring one of your company’s experts to answer these questions, you will bring the clarity your curious customers are looking for.

Educational videos

There are many active minds out there that are hungry for information. For customers like these, the best way to engage and convert them is through resourceful and interesting educational videos.

These videos only focus on your solution indirectly, as their main purpose is to attract new potential customers (or delighting existing ones) with information and content on topics that both relate to your business and are relevant to them in some way.

For example, if your organization is an NGO, it would be great if you had videos telling a little bit about the history of its founding. On the other hand, if your company relies heavily on complex scientific and technological resources, this content is perfect for delivering a different message to intrigued prospects.

Just keep in mind that good editing can make or break an educational video. You can be covering extremely useful or interesting information, but if it feels boring or the pacing isn’t there, your piece will fall short of expectations.

Parting Words

Whether you’re looking to build trust, improve your communication, or be more resourceful to your prospects, there’s at least one type of video out there that can help you drive the conversion decision in your leads.

Just remember that, whatever type of video you end up choosing, the message you express needs to carry your brand’s own voice. If your prospects see you as an expert and genuine provider, you have every opportunity to appeal to their needs and values.