Top Ways You Can Use Visual Content to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

It is evident that content is the king in business and marketing. But, the reality of the matter is that visual content is the mastermind when it comes to driving traffic to your business website. Visual content is good when it comes to attracting the attention of prospects.

Analysis has revealed that about 32% of business marketers use images as an essential element in their marketing strategies. Do you know that there are techniques of using visual content to boot website traffic? Now you know!

Note that when customers read through business content, they only retain 10% of the displayed information for a maximum of three days. Alternatively, when the content has images, the same customers retain about 65% of the entire content.

In addition, infographics can increase your website traffic by 12%. Any post made with images is likely to be three times more engaging than the text-only posts. This elaborates the power of visual content.

The most important aspect that business owners need to understand is how to use visual content to increase traffic on their websites. This article has information to help you understand how to use visual content to increase traffic.

Incorporate Screenshots Where Applicable

Most industries have multiple “how-to” content-type that target a specific market audience. This is also the most common type of content generated by most businesses on their sites.

You can decide to amplify your outreach and your value to your target audience. You can use screenshots to make the content more valuable to your readers and expand your business outreach. This is mostly applied when discussing multi-steps and complex processes.

Always remember that about 65% of your target audience are visual learners. Most of the readers can only implement the tutorials and not what the content is all about. This indicates that you need to focus much on the tutorial section.

Analysis has revealed that readers can follow instructions 323% better when compared to primary content that gives instructions. When visuals are accompanied in the “how to” content, it elevates engagement makes the content more valuable.

Note that when people encounter helpful content, they tend to share it with their friends and family. This increases traffic on your business website, placing you on a competitive edge in the industry.

Do not Forget the Power of Videos

Research details have revealed that YouTube is among the greatest search engines in the world. The platform has more than three billion active users. Due to the fact that Google is the owner of YouTube, the YouTube videos tend to rank high on the Google SERPs.

This means that the traffic that videos get on YouTube is from Google. However, it is vital to note that videos not only dominate the search traffic on search engines. On the other side, consumers watch over one hundred million hours of videos every day on Facebook.

Note that 87% of marketers using video ads tend to succeed compared to those using traditional advertising models. When used in a reasonable manner, videos are capable of sending a significant wave of traffic to your business site.

They offer incredible results when used on the marketing and sales pages. To be safer, you need to use the step-by-step video types to accompany the post you publish. Also, remember to embed the videos existing on your site to increase traffic.

In addition, utilize explainer videos to explain to the public members the benefits of using your products and services. You can go further and use your customer testimonial videos to win potential customers.

Use Featured Images on Your Business Site

Always keep in mind that every blog post that you publish requires a hero image to back it up. The image should summarize what the blog post is all about. Adding an image to a blog post is considered intuitive.

The problem with many business owners and marketers ignores to include the image. This always denies them an opportunity to generate more traffic on their business sites. The most critical impact of the image is always to enhance social sharing.

Note that when readers get attracted to the type of content you generate, they tend to share it with close friends and family. This is common, especially if you use clear calls to action or widgets that encourage them to share content that you create.

When they share the content on social media, the platforms go ahead to search the images that can accompany the post; if there is no image found, a raw link is published on the page. You can acquire a graphics designer who can help you get the job done.

Make Use of Infographics

Even though infographics is a new aspect in the world of digital marketing, it is among the major types of data visualization. It is capable of generating significant results when used in the right way. Content with infographics is 30% easy to read compared to plain content.

Remember that the more readers you have on your business site, the more you stand a chance to get a comprehensive traffic wave on the site. The Google searches specifically for infographics have greatly increased over the past few years.

This is a clear indication that infographics possess the effort to trigger traffic on your site. There is an average infographics search of about five hundred thousand every month. This indicates the potential outreach of this feature across different social networks.

You can make infographics with catchy headlines and interesting stories using charts and graphs to present stats to grab the attention of prospects. Remember that infographics are not the only best type of visuals you can choose; you can also opt to go for graphs and charts like Bar Chart, Line Chart, Pareto Analysis, Cash Flow Chart, Likert Scale, Data Flow Chart, Sunburst Chart in Excel and Google Sheet as a powerful technic to attract visitors and decrease your website bounce rate.

Try to avoid white background and use the least number of text as much as possible. You can also contact the publications related to your business industry to promote the infographics.

Bottom Line

When operating an online business, traffic is a crucial aspect that you need to consider. Visual content has the power to help you boost traffic and aid in securing a potential number of consumers for your business.