The Five Best Uses for Pop Sockets

Pop sockets offer great versatility as a mobile accessory

The explosion of smartphones over the past decade created many waves. One interesting trend has been the rise of mobile accessories. Phone stands, phone cases, and portable chargers have all seen increased sales due to the smartphone’s popularity. Branded pop sockets are a fascinating case.

The pop socket is a circular phone grip that sticks to the back of a phone. They have an accordion design, which allows them to sit flat against the phone or pop out for use. Pop sockets are versatile accessories– let’s explore the five best uses for pop sockets!

1. Pop sockets as phone grips

The most frequent use for a pop socket is as a phone grip. When pop sockets were first conceptualized in 2012, they did not blow up immediately. However, over the following years, the size of smartphones steadily increased. Smartphones are now so big that it’s difficult to hold them in one hand; this is where pop sockets come in!

With the pop socket in the upright position, you can grip your phone easily with a finger on either side of the circle. This grip is much less strenuous than the classic pinkie-on-bottom, thumb-on-side grip and makes dropping your phone less likely.

2. Keep your cords from tangling

Pop sockets were first invented in 2012 by college professor David Barnett. He was sick of his earbuds tangling in his pocket, so he invented a solution! After a GoFundMe campaign, Barnett began production, and the rest is history. That’s right– pop sockets were initially invented for tangled cords!

With pop sockets, your cords will never be tangled again. You extend the pop socket out, wrap your cords around the base, and pop the socket back in. You can even put two sockets on your phone to secure longer cords.

3. Using pop sockets as media stands

Another reason pop sockets are so great is that they can be used as stands for phones and tablets. Multimedia devices are incredible because they allow us to watch our favorite shows and communicate with friends wherever we want.

But when your hands are occupied, keeping your phone upright can be a hassle. Pop sockets solve this problem! When you’re in the kitchen or at your desk, you can extend the socket and prop your phone up on its side.

If you’d like your phone standing right side up, simply move the pop socket to the bottom of the phone! There are also special flex stands to attach pop sockets, allowing you to mount your phone anywhere. The pop socket’s ability to be used as a phone stand is yet another aspect of its versatility.

4. Pop sockets for storage

Pop sockets can be specially made with storage compartments! One great option for these specialty pop sockets is a lip balm pop socket. The top of the pop socket removes, underneath which is your lip balm. In addition, some pop sockets come attached to cardholders.

These phone wallet pop sockets offer storage for your IDs and credit cards while providing all the benefits of a pop socket. Pop sockets with storage are very convenient– storing something on the back of your phone gives you one less item to keep track of!

5. Using pop sockets to promote your brand

Finally, you can use pop sockets to promote your brand! Logotech offers dozens of customizable pop sockets to help market your brand. Custom-printing pop sockets with your brand’s logo or messaging is a surefire way to increase brand visibility. Individuals can spend hours on their phones daily, and the back of their phones are visible the entire time.

If people are using your custom pop sockets, they will be showing off your logo! Because of the accordion design, your logo will be prominently displayed in front of the user’s hand. Get customized pop sockets and hand them out from your next trade show booth! Our branded pop sockets are a quick and easy method to boost brand awareness.

If you’re interested in branded pop sockets, Logotech can help! We are the number one provider of promotional pop sockets, with the best rates in the industry. Our team is highly-trained and dedicated to providing the best customer experience. Create an account with Logotech, and an account manager will reach out today!