Check These 5 Things Before Using A Mobile App for Online Sports Betting

Thanks to the latest technology in the online gambling industry, people can choose what kind of device they want t use for online betting. Even though many of them are fans of computers, the number of punters who prefer mobile apps for sports betting grows daily.

Although many assume that all sports betting applications are identical, this isn’t the case. In fact, the Bet365 app has got most of the in-play betting markets and live streams that people are interested in, which is not the case on many other applications. Therefore, people who pick this brand and decide to use its application can have a fantastic gambling experience.

While it’s true that the in-play markets and live streams are important when choosing an online betting app, there are several other crucial aspects you must be aware of. So, let’s go through everything and learn whether the app you’ve chosen is worth it.

1. Availability

If you are using Android or iOS, you must first check whether the given betting app is available for these mobile OS. Brands like bet365 know that 99% of their mobile clients will use one of the two, so they offer their apps for both. Sadly, many other companies haven’t done that yet.

Aside from iOS and Android, in rare cases, you may find special applications for other OS. For example, some companies provide apps for BlackBerryOS and a specific version for some of Huawei’s devices. It all depends on the specific brand you’ve chosen, that’s why it’s important to research it beforehand.

While discussing the apps’ availability, you must also ensure you can find them on the official app stores. The bad news is that even some of the biggest names in online betting can’t offer their products on Google Play, so you may need an apk file.

2. Make sure your device is compatible

One of the things many online bettors ignore when choosing a mobile app is system compatibility. Some people forget to check whether they have enough RAM and the correct mobile OS version. As a result, some of them need help when trying to download and install the application.

Most of the leading operators, such as bet365 and its app, will be available on a wide range of devices because of their low requirements. Unfortunately, many operators have chosen to focus on high-end smartphones and tablets. This means that punters may need to have the best of the best if they want to bet on the go.

3. Check if the operator only has a web app

The fact that gambling operators come up with all sorts of things to gain new customers is not surprising. Brands like bet365 are honest with their clients, but many sites give them false information so that they can open an account and start betting. Sometimes, this information is related to the app they have.

Bookies know that sports bettors like using apps when wagering, so they often advertise they have one. However, upon closer inspection, it turns out that the specific brand only offers a web application. The latter has nothing to do with a real app for Android and iOS because it is only a shortcut to a given betting website that users can add to their home screen.

In other words, the web app is the same as the mobile website of the given operator. This isn’t a drawback because most mobile betting websites are pretty good. However, it tricks people into thinking that there is a real application when this is not true. Keep an eye on any illegal sports betting apps because some operators may try to trick you into registering with them.

4. Check if you are missing out on some bonuses

The bonuses have a crucial role in online sports betting and are among the few things that bookmakers use to attract new clients. Consequently, the bet365 mobile application will allow players to avail themselves of numerous rewards. As you can expect, all of them are also available on the desktop site.

The bad news is that not all betting firms have the needed funds to optimize their bonus portfolios. Therefore, mobile clients are often left behind and only have access to a handful of bonuses when they decide to bet on the go. Speaking of mobile promos, you can expect to find things like:

• Free Bets
• Boosts for Accumulators
• Advancebets
• Deposit Bonuses

On very rare occasions, bookmakers could offer their clients an exclusive mobile promotion. However, those rewards are scarce, and most of them do not provide any significant perks.

5. Visit the payment section

Nowadays, you will find a wide range of sports betting applications, but only a few of them allow people to make payments on the go. That’s why one of the things that you need to go through before getting a specific app is the online payment solutions.

When it comes down to deposits and withdrawals, clients can find a wide range of payment solutions, especially in some parts of the world. Digital wallets and credit cards are the main alternatives for the majority of online gamblers. Yet, there are users who choose cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, and even exclusive mobile payment solutions.

Depending on your gambling site, some platforms may only allow you to use specific payment options when betting on the go. Some of you may be happy with what’s available, whereas others will want to use something different. The good news is that this information becomes available as soon as you register and visit the payment section. Sometimes, the bookie may also grant you access to things you must know without opening an account.