Engage Consumers And Earn Their Trust Using Marketing Videos

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, internet usage has skyrocketed. With more and more people online and the demand for media growing accordingly, it’s only natural that brands should adapt their marketing strategies and focus more on creating appealing videos for their audiences.

And in this world of ever-expanding markets and a constantly increasing offer, it is no longer merely the quality of a product that drives sales but rather how a customer feels towards a company or brand.

The problem is that finding new and effective ways to earn their audience’s trust is proving a challenge that many companies are struggling with. Fortunately, that’s where video marketing comes into play!

From product videos and explainers made by experts to more casual, off-the-cuff social videos that you can tackle yourself, there’s a vast array of formats you can employ in order to foster consumer trust.

So join us as we walk you through some pro tips to get you started on the right foot!

A Few Words on Choosing the Right Type of Video

Marketing videos come in all shapes and forms. Some are better suited to a specific platform or social network due to their length, video size, and aspect ratio. However, it isn’t just these technical specifications that differentiate one format from another, but the style and purpose of the video as well.

Different formats serve different aims, and it’s advisable that you first consider what message you are trying to get across in order to be able to choose the right tool for the job.

Now, while the number of formats at your disposal can seem vast – and it is – there are four particular types of marketing videos that almost no strategy looking to foster consumer trust can do without: product videos, explainers, customer testimonials, and behind-the-scenes videos.

Make a Memorable Impact with Product Videos

Product videos are generally regarded as quite an effective sales tool. After all, they do offer the best platform for showcasing your company’s solution to customer’s pain points. That said, they also constitute a fantastic medium for projecting a trustworthy image if done right.

At the heart of each company lies the product or service it puts out there in the world, so it’s natural that it can act as a symbol for all the values a brand stands for: out-of-the-box thinking, technical proficiency, elegant design, cutting-edge engineering, etc.

It follows then that you can effectively capture those aspects that set your brand apart from the rest with a high-quality product video. Furthermore, you can offer a demonstration of your solution in action and, in this way, tackle your audience’s concerns as evidence of your brand’s reliability. Making your piece appealing to a wide audience.

Win Over Your Audience With Explainers

If you had been struggling with a problem for a while and then found somebody that pointed you to a perfect solution, it would be a safe guess to say you’re likely to place your trust in whoever offered you that helping hand in the first place.

Well, with an explainer video, your company can do exactly that!

Explainer videos clarify a difficult subject or product in a fun, engaging way whilst showcasing your brand’s expertise and at the same time providing useful educational content for customers.

A potential customer facing a problem is likely to search the web for more information. So if they stumble upon a helpful explainer video by your brand, which then refers them to your particular solution, they are more than likely to follow through and make a purchase. Not to mention they’ll also be far more likely to come to you next time they have a need in your field!

Let Others Vouch For You!

Like we mentioned at the beginning, customer testimonials are amongst the most popular types of marketing videos. And the reason why is that they are built around a simple premise: if you want to demonstrate how satisfied your customers are, why not just provide direct evidence of it?

A customer testimonial is meant to overcome any reservations a potential customer may have about your brand by referring them to the experiences of a third party. With a testimonial video, you can turn the spotlight on your success cases instead of asking the public to take your word for it!

A good testimonial will feature pain points your audience can identify with, as well as the effect your solution had on a customer’s life and the feelings they now hold towards your brand.

Just make sure that the video itself looks natural and doesn’t feel scripted, coached, or overtly edited!

Show A Warmer Side With Behind-The-Scenes Videos

The foundation of a feeling of trust is empathy, and to have your audience empathize with your brand, you must show them that your brand only exists thanks to the efforts of the people that make it possible.

Behind-the-scenes videos allow you to show the people behind the brand, the creative process that makes your products possible, and what a normal day at your company is like. They give you a chance to display the care and quality that goes into your work as well as reinforce a feeling of authenticity and of living up to your brand’s ethos.

One of the advantages of behind-the-scenes videos is their versatility in terms of style. They can range from medium-length videos of high production value to shorter, more off-the-cuff ones that are ideal for social media.

Production Value Will Make A Huge Difference!

Even before we utter a word, the way we present ourselves already speaks volumes. And with videos, it’s no different.

Although the heart of a video resides in its content, or, in other words, in the message conveyed, the way we deliver that message is still of vital importance. If we are looking to build trust, what can be more trustworthy than a pristine presentation?

While audiences may not be tuned in to the minute details of video production, most will still be able to pick up on whether a video meets certain quality standards or not.

Bad sound quality, for example, will eventually annoy viewers and increase the chances that they will tune out. Poor graphics or animations might send the wrong message about your company, as users are quick to infer reliability (or lack thereof) out of a piece’s quality.

All in all, just keep in mind that your content acts as an extension and representation of your company as a whole when it comes to nurturing consumer trust. So you should go to great lengths to ensure your video’s quality is up to par. And on that note…

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How to Pros Do It: A Few Production Tips to Make Your Videos More Relatable

Now that you understand the importance of production value, here are some useful tips and general principles you should implement the next time you start working on a video intended to foster consumer trust.


First of all, start with a solid script or questionnaire in case of testimonials. If you are looking to create an impact on the viewer, it’s important that you choose your words carefully; and when aiming to project a trustworthy image, you must sound confident in what you are saying.

This applies to any type of video, as your scripts should always present information in an orderly way and effectively develop your message with clear, understandable language your audience can relate to. Again, taking time to optimize your script will ensure you pick your words wisely and economically, aiming for both brevity and clarity.

Lighting Means Everything for Live Action Videos

If you are going to develop a live-action video, such as a behind-the-scenes or a customer testimonial, then consider that you are working with a camera and that cameras respond to light in a way that’s very different from that of the human eye. So what does this translate to in practice?

Simply put, cameras need lots of light to ensure optimum image quality. Moreover, lighting can significantly enhance the impact of your videos. The way you light a scene can complement the message you are sending as well as say a lot about your brand and the audience you are addressing.

Intimate lighting can greatly benefit a customer testimonial video by adding emotional weight to the testimony and enhance the feeling of openness. The more cheerful vibe obtained via heavy lighting and brighter colors can be put to good use in a behind-the-scenes video if you want to show the fun that goes on in your day-to-day work.

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Great Sound Design

Sound quality is another important thing to keep in mind, so you should always try to ensure the best audio by recording with a separate microphone instead of the one in your camera.

Moreover, the right music can dramatically alter the perception of a video and make your viewers be more interested or receptive to your message. Even tiny sound effects can be a great tool to drive attention to small tidbits of information you want people to pay particular attention to.

And remember, the attention to detail your videos display will show your audiences that they are dealing with a reliable business that cares about quality control in even the smallest of things. And what’s more trustworthy than that?

To Wrap Up

There are many sides to what makes a brand trustworthy, and you can tackle lots of them through different marketing videos.

While we covered a few types, the list goes on, and most companies develop one or another type of video depending on the specific reinforcement their trust-building strategies require or the one they feel will prove most effective on the platform they plan to target. The possibilities are virtually endless!

When it comes to video marketing, you have a large toolset at your disposal, so there’s really no excuse to pass on the opportunity to apply them in your next campaign.

We hope by now we have set you on the right path. Now go ahead and ask yourself, “‘What makes my brand trustworthy?” and go and share it with the world via the wonderfully creative medium of marketing videos!