Why Using Telematics for Taxi Fleets Is a Necessity in 2020

With the rising popularity of telematics, taxicab companies have discovered the use of taxi fleet management in mitigating costs and improving taxi management as-well-as increasing customer satisfaction.

Fleet managers can gain a better insight into the behavior of their drivers while they are active on the road, empowering them to manage their fleet with greater efficiency.

Advanced routing and dispatching have improved efficiency, and GPS taxi cab location information has resolved customer disputes more effectively.

Telematics – A Necessity For Taxi Fleets

Not only has telematics decreased fuel costs, cut significantly on vehicle maintenance, and enhanced customer service, but it has also made customers happy and increased customer retention.

Here are some reasons a telematics solution is an absolute necessity for taxi fleets in 2020:

• Improved Driver Behavior

With taxi fleet management, fleet managers have witnessed a reform in the behavior of their drivers.

You can set customized reports and alerts to warn you when your drivers speed-up, drive aggressively, drive away from the authorized area, and idle redundantly.

Drivers often lash out in anger on customers for various reasons, leading to a poor rating and a foul spread of word of mouth that can tarnish your reputation.

It is paramount for you to track your drivers because you need to ensure that customers are enjoying a safe ride to their destination.

Customers appreciate realizing that when they call your company, they will feel safe during their journey.

• Seamless Routing And Dispatching

A taxi dispatch system offers more efficient routing and dispatching. Taxicab companies can present their customers with a definite expected time of arrival.

By availing taxi telematics solutions, dispatchers can assign the closest taxi to the customer.

This advanced routing and dispatching elevate customer satisfaction because they do not feel stuck waiting for the taxicab for prolonged periods.

The moment they call your taxicab company, they should rest easy knowing that the taxicab will pick them up in a while.

• Quick Customer Dispute Resolution

Global Positioning System taxi location data from taxi fleet management enables fleet managers to resolve any customer disputes with no delays.

If a customer calls in with a complaint that the driver charged them too much, the fleet manager can calculate the length and time of the trip to determine the cost of the fare.

Through this information, you can figure out if the customer got cheated. You can then come up with a solution and refund the excess amount to the customer with ease.

The taxi fleet management system can also resolve customer disputes involving routing, arrival times, pick up or drop off locations.

Mending the ways of the driver, dynamic routing and dispatching, and swift customer dispute resolutions can keep your customers happy and reinforce1211 your repeat business.

State-of-the-art telematics solutions will attract more customers to your taxi cab company if you build a reputation for quickly resolving any disputes with your clients.

• Real-Time Oversight

With advanced fleet telematics solutions for taxi fleet, you have access to live video, audio, and technical data on your cabs with the convenience of anytime access.

You can attach a dispatch system installed with GPS under the seat of the driver to track location by coordinating with the geometrical information of the vehicle, its speed, and other metrics regarding performance.

Anyone with access to the cloud linked with your fleet telematics can view vehicle movement on a map via a taxi dispatch system for fleet management.

You can gain useful surveillance with real-time notifications and bidirectional audio to communicate with your drivers at all times.

The support for multiple video sensors per vehicle establishes that you have no blind spots for your cabs, leading to reinforced safety for your drivers as-well-as their passengers.

• Maintenance Issue Notifications

Some telematics providers enable you to deploy neural networks in your tracking software to detect faults with the cab automobile.

For instance, the engine of one of your cabs is faulty, but the car is operating fine and showing no signs of irregularity. With fleet maintenance management, you can quickly isolate and fix the engine issue.

However, without fleet maintenance, the engine would eventually die down and render your cab immobile.

Such repairs can cost you enormous sums of capital, considering there is no system to alert you of any ongoing technical faults with your vehicle.

Get alerted in real-time by text messaging or alerts on your smartphone, every time an issue pops up that requires your attention, to settle the problem immediately.

• Advanced Cab Security

With increasing violence and theft cases in cabs, especially during the night, it is paramount that you install telematics offered by providers like Digital Matter that offer diverse security systems, including anti-theft alarms and remote vehicle immobilization to protect your assets and monitor the security of your fleet cabs at all times.

Telematics providers offer diverse security systems, including anti-theft alarm, unexpected stoppage alert notifications while being in transit, and even the ability to disable your vehicle remotely if your cab gets stolen.

Telematics solutions these days come installed with reinforced cyber-security, all streams have encryptions, and possess genuine authentication on all clients.

You can even install dashcams in your fleet cabs to monitor your drivers and passengers in case a dispute breaks-out between the parties.

• Future Proof Your Cabs

Telematics solutions offer updates on the latest happenings for edge devices and a logical support strategy regarding operating systems.

Fleet management solutions offer copious support plans to accommodate the needs of your business as-well-as your customers.

As technology advances, people would start being more digitized, and thus, would seek services that involve technology to avoid any hassle.

Equipping your cabs with telematics would not only reassure your customers of the quality that you deliver but also promote safety and well being throughout their journey.

Final Words

In this digitally revolutionized world of fleet management solutions, telematics and asset tracking have rendered traditional methods of operation obsolete.

The power of data and mobile technology implemented in fleet management brings improvements in compliance, driver efficiency as-well-as fleet performance.

You can track your drivers and monitor their activities in real-time while maintaining the safety and security of both the customers and the fleet automobile.