Valentine’s Day Games That You Should Try Out

Valentine’s Day is all about the celebration of love, admiration, and friendship. Many people celebrate the day by sending love and affection messages to partners, friends, and family. They also indulge in a range of activities, including traveling, hiking, movie marathons, and so on.

These are great ways to make your Valentine’s Day special. But you could also throw in some adrenaline-inducing activities; it would take it a notch higher. To that end, here’s a list of Valentine’s Day Games you’ll love.

Sports & Casino Games

Casino games are fun, and you can play with real money or demo mode. If you are into cards, sports or slot games, then you’ll love online casino games. You can browse through NetBet sport page to see other sports and casino games to play and bet.

With hundreds of games to choose from, you’re sure to have a fun day. Online casinos are convenient, accessible, and private. But you could also try out the physical one if they’re open in your area.

Bingo Games

You can never go wrong with Bingo. Bingo has a way of bringing people together and strengthening an existing relationship. It is even known to reunite families. And since that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, it is a perfect game to fit into the schedule. What’s more, you can play Bingo physically or virtually – it’s your call. We recommend printing out Bingo cards just so you all focus on the game.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is one of the most exciting and fun games you can play on Valentine’s Day. The thrill that comes with seeking a friend or loved one is just incomparable. Not to mention the tension of not wanting to get caught. Hide and seek is an old and popular children’s game and an excellent game for adults who are up for it.

Word Mix

If you love word games, then you’ll love word mix. Word mix involves you writing different Valentine’s Day related words and mixing the cards up. Then each player selects two cards and composes a poem or song with the words. He or she then sings or reads the poem aloud for the whole family.

Valentine’s Day Wink

Valentine’s Day wink a pretty simple game that always ends up in laughs. All you need are chairs half as many as those who are playing – plus one. Then have half the people sit in the chairs and half stand behind the chairs.

Ensure there’s an empty seat with someone standing behind it (we’ll call this person “it”). So “It” calls one of those sitting and winks at them – and the person has to race to the empty chair before the person sitting behind his/her chair tags.

Treasure Hunt

If you’re planning to give out some gifts, it can be a good idea to hide them in different spots so that your loved ones sweat a little to find them. A treasure hunt is a great way to build anticipation and have fun in the process.

It is pretty fulfilling watching your loved one going the opposite direction from where you planted the gifts. It is even better when they find it. But don’t forget to put a timer on it, lest you wait the entire day.

All Paired up

An excellent game for singles. Cut heart shapes out of a stiff paper and tear or cut each one in halve (aim to make each cut unique). Then place the halves into a box and have the guests grab one as they arrive. Have the guests find whoever has a matching half of their heart.

Name that Love Song

To play this game, you’ll need to write down several lines of a different song. You’ll then give each guest one paper with the lyrics and have them read the words dramatically. See who guesses the song’s name fast.

Heart Stack

Gather some colorful candy hearts and place them on the table. Each one of you has to stack these hearts into a single-file tower within a defined time. The goal is to have the highest stack by the time the set time ends. A player has to start over whenever their stack falls over.