Ultimate Gadgets For “Killing” The Vampire Energy From Your House

Have you ever heard of something like the “vampire energy”? It’s the energy used by some of your household appliances, like desktop computers, laptops, kitchen appliances, cable and satellite TV boxes and many others, even when you turn them off. The best thing you can do in such a case is to find the best electricity suppliers in Texas.

But apart from that, you should also try to fix it on your own.

How? No worries – today there have already been many innovative gadgets that kill this unwelcome energy. It’s just enough to do primary research and supply yourself with proper devices.

Power Strips

One of the best and the cheapest methods is using power strips. They are quite a comfortable solution since many devices can be plugged into them at the same time, and later on, after use, you can turn all of them off at once. There is also a smart version of this gadget that will shut everything off automatically.

Energy-saving bulbs

To kill or rather reduce your “vampire energy”, you can also use energy-saving bulbs, like fluorescent or LED bulbs. They’ll work for much longer than traditional light bulbs, and significantly save your energy at home.

Smart plugs

Another popular gadget is a smart plug that is excellent when you want to manage your devices when you aren’t around. Thanks to a handy connection between your device and smartphone, you can, for instance, turn them on or off remotely.

Energy Star Certified Appliances

Apart from the gadgets mentioned above, it’s worth investing some money in energy star certified appliances. Why? Because they use up to 50% less energy than the models which don’t meet all these standards.

Overall, you shouldn’t be scared of “vampire power”. Actually, you can deal with it and even kill it, using many gadgets.

If in doubt, go to this relevant infographic: