How to Edit Videos: Essential Video Editing Technique

If you are an aspiring videographer, you are probably wondering how to edit videos to make them stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to enhance a movie or a short clip, learning cutting-edge video post-processing techniques may be rather rewarding.

This article outlines the basic video post-production tips and hacks. Read on to learn useful techniques to facilitate your workflow and boost your productivity.

What Is the Best Software to Edit Video?

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The modern market offers a slew of software options that can help you bring your clips to the notch. Some of them offer basic features, while others include advanced functionality suitable for professional use.

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in filmmaking or you just want to create awesome clips, you can choose one of the Movavi software options. The company offers numerous products suitable for different needs. Each software option has broad functionality and a streamlined user interface.

Those who want to perform simple edits like applying effects, managing files, and playing with templates can pick a universal product. Nero Video allows you to edit films of the highest quality and use 1000 movie themes and effects. Explore all the boundaries of your creativity with this simple but feature-rich product.

In case you strive to edit clips like a pro and access numerous video tutorials, Pinnacle Studio will be a wise choice. Aside from powerful functionality, your projects can benefit from premium effects, pro-caliber tools, and seamless transitions.

Now, what if you want to get it started but you don’t want the trouble of setting it up on your computer? There is online-based editing that can be just with your browser. Intro Maker has a wide option of templates you can choose from and the site can set the video up for you.

When it comes to picking the most optimal video editing software, you should consider the one that works for you in terms of functionality and budget. You may try several options before you find the best fit.

The Best Video Editing Tips and Techniques

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Although choosing the right program is a crucial factor in the filmmaking industry, following the useful techniques will help you to master your skills. Moreover, you can open up new horizons in videography and produce jaw-dropping videos.

Use a Powerful Computer

Video editing software is resource-intensive and requires using computers with high specifications. It doesn’t mean that you should buy the high-tech machine right away. However, it makes sense to upgrade your computer, no matter which operating system it uses. Here are some options to boost the performance of your PC or Mac.

• Invest in a faster storage drive (SSD). Besides speeding up the rendering process, a high-speed SSD will allow you to access your files and programs quickly. Also, you can save a lot of time on exporting files.

• Bump up your memory capacity. The more RAM your computer has, the more tasks you can perform simultaneously.

• Upgrade a video card. Once you want to perform smooth and effective video rendering, use a powerful graphics card.

Perform a High-Quality Color Correction

The color enhancement allows you to jazz up your clip, make it vivid or add a special mood. The majority of video editing programs allow you to perform color correction – complement each scene with consistent colors. Also, it is possible to use color grading, thus giving your clip a completely different look. Both techniques are important when you want your scenes to appear lifelike.

Moreover, you can apply a certain type of color grading to a particular scene. For example, it is possible to turn a scene into black and white to accentuate flashbacks.

It is worth noting that you can change the color scheme of your clips even in mobile video editing apps. Also, some software options allow you to save the adjustments as presets. Therefore, it is possible to apply the same settings to other projects.

Use Different Video Cutting Options

If you want to crop and cut your clips, you can do it in different ways. Video cropping allows you to focus on particular objects or cut out unnecessary elements. When you cut your footage, you get rid of the unnecessary scenes.

It is possible to use a standard cut. This video editing technique cuts from one clip to another and creates even edits without adding a transition. A jump cut means cutting between two sequential shots within the same frame or composition.

Use Montage

Montage assumes a sequence of videos. It is used to demonstrate the passage of time, convey a certain story or develop a character. Here you should express all your creativity. It is necessary to highlight the most important moments to create decent storytelling.

Use Cross Dissolve

Cross dissolve aims to create a link between two different objects. For example, you can show a man telling a story and create a visual of this story. Then you compose these two timelines in one frame to overlap ideas between scenes.

Play With the Video Speed

If you want to show playbacks, accentuate a moment, or speed up a long-term activity in your clips, you can change the video speed controller. This feature is available in most video editors. All you need is to select a scene you want to speed up or slow down. Based on your needs, it is possible to select different speeds.

Use B-roll

B-roll will come in handy for those who want to intercut an alternative clip with the main shot. You can complement your primary footage with supplemental video to enrich the story you’re telling. This technique is often used in interviews and documentary films. For example, when the interviewer is talking on the camera, you can spice up the footage with some cutaways related to the subject.

Complement Your Footage With Music

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While visuals are important, a music track can completely change the mood of your clip. The choice of audio depends on which kind of emotions you want to trigger in your viewers and the video genre you are working with. It may seem confusing if you add classical music to an adventure film. However, don’t forget about copyrights. Pick an audio track only from a royalty-free provider.

Thus, you can upload your projects on different web-based platforms without breaking the law.


If you want to become a good filmmaker, you will need to take time to master video editing techniques. Applying useful hacks is no less important. They allow you to simplify your workflow and create decent content.

Whether you produce videos just for fun or you want to build up a social media presence, having these tips at hand will help you attract and keep your audience. All you need is to have a powerful computer, effective video editing software, and an additional dose of creativity.