Try These 7 Video Hacks To Spice Up Your Content For Youtube

Video content is one of the biggest drivers of traffic on the internet today and is likely to become even more powerful in the future. Thus, many businesses have started using video marketing as an essential part of their strategy.

Promotional YouTube videos can effectively generate leads and increase traffic to your website, blog, and social media. You can use an animated promo video maker to make captivating promotional videos online.

However, with the help of some tips and tricks, you can ensure that your video content sets you apart from other YouTubers on the platform.

Here are 7 great video hacks to spice up your content for YouTube without having to spend a fortune on expensive equipment!

1. Use Plenty Of Lights

Lighting can be the difference between a stellar quality video and a shoddy one. Proper lighting can make even a low-quality camera produce a much better video.

If you want to capture excellent video on the cheap, natural light is the best. Try shooting your video in the morning or evening time when the sunlight is softer. Midday light can cast harsh shadows on your subjects, making your video unpleasant.

If you’re filming indoors, try to be as near the window as possible. Use a few large lamps to cast the type of light you want.

2. Plan Your Background

Even an amateur YouTuber knows the impact background can have on viewers. But deciding the perfect setting for your video can be quite confusing.

So what kind of background is the best? Well, it all depends on the kind of video you want to create.

For example, if you’re filming ‘a day in the life’ or ‘behind the scenes’ style video, you’d also want to capture the place’s feel. A busy background fits perfectly with such videos.

At other times, busy backgrounds can cause distraction. In such a situation, you can keep the background blurry and focus on the talking person.

While filming an FAQ or Live Q&A style video, the information being conveyed is more important than the setting you’re in. A solid color background would be perfect for such content. This way, the viewer can focus on what’s being said rather than what’s going behind you. On the other hand, you can use a green screen video to get more creative backgrounds.

3. Try An Unusual Camera Angle

Changing up your camera angle can drastically improve your cinematography. Utilize the equipment you have available to experiment with and vary your camera angle.

Get down on the ground and shoot up or get on the top of the building with a high viewpoint. Try shooting “through” objects to create a unique video. For instance, shooting through a window at your subject can give them a vulnerable look.

You can also try shooting through the flames of a fire or a candle for a dramatic effect. Reflections can be another excellent tool for changing perspectives.

Using different angles in your productions ensures that you get full coverage of your scene and provides some variety as well. Break the monotony by telling your story in a new and different way.

4. Prioritize Clear Audio

Lousy audio is far more distracting than a faulty video. Most people don’t mind mediocre video quality. But upon hearing low, distorted, or indistinct audio, your viewers won’t take another second to click next.

The built-in microphones that come with the camera are generally not good. And since you now know how vital audio is, investing in a good microphone is the first thing you should do.

While you can get a microphone that performs well for a reasonable price, if you’re on a tight budget, even a lav mic can do the trick!

Capture clear audio by placing the microphone as close to the subject as possible. Don’t forget to run a basic noise removal filter after recording the video, like EchoRemover 2, which you can find such filters online.

5. Add Graphics

A video with fun, colorful, and dynamic graphics is very eye-catching. Graphics in your video can be logo intros, lower thirds, buttons, box covers, or transitions.

You can use graphics to break up a scene, help illustrate an idea, or simply keep things interesting. Several online sites provide free transparent graphics that you can use in your videos. But make sure you comply with their licensing requirement before using them.

It’s also important to make sure that your video editor software supports multiple tracks so that you can put graphics on top of your video.

6. Insert Music

Another way to make your videos enjoyable is by inserting music. Music can add excitement to your video intros, create little surprises in between, make the audience laugh, and generate required emotions.

Choose music that suits your type of video. You don’t want to add an upbeat track on top of a serious topic!

Background music is as impactful as a foreground one. It sets a warm and inviting tone at the start and keeps the positive mood throughout. However, don’t make it so loud that it overpowers your recordings.

7. Edit Tightly

Cut out all the empty space in your video so that it moves at a decent pace throughout. It will keep the viewer’s interest high and remove all the dead space that takes their time.

One of the most effective methods of video editing is the jump cut method. A jump cut is when you combine dozens of short clips to form one cohesive video.

With the jump cut method, you will not need to memorize any long scripts. You can shoot several small clips and merge them later. What’s more, it also gives your video a quick pace, thus keeping the viewer engaged.

Besides following the above hacks, make use of video editor to turn your raw footage into a stunning video in no time!

Parting Thoughts

YouTube is a giant platform where hundreds of hours of videos are uploaded every minute by thousands of content creators. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you will have to create content that is high quality and super entertaining.

With proper social media management and these handy video hacks, you can garner more views and grow your enterprise exponentially.