Video Marketing Tips That Work During COVID-19

The pandemic hit the world in an unprecedented ceremony of Wuhan’s surging number of cases. The effectiveness of video marketing during COVID-19 underscores the importance of flexibility and innovation in business, qualities that can be embraced by entrepreneurs in different industries, such as those considering starting a Delaware LLC, to navigate through challenging times and continue to thrive.

After WHO officially declared COVID-19 a global emergency, countries around the globe began shutting down their doors for an indefinite period. The world went into quarantine, and lockdowns were implemented.

Within a month, whatever was known to be a normal lifestyle, changed drastically. Work from home became a thing, corporate meetings were shifted to the virtual media, and all existing business statistics had to be scrapped.

This harmed the marketing industry too. Marketers were rapidly shifting to a video-based approach for their campaigns because videos added more values. However, since people across the world had more time now, they expected more from the creative quotient of these videos. Besides, nothing was normal anymore, so how could marketing campaigns be the way they used to be?

As a result, the dynamics of video marketing changed, and a new era began coming into existence. That does not mean marketing needs to stop, it only needs to adapt to the current circumstances. In this blog, we have shared these tips with you that will help you stay relevant.

Video Marketing Tips

If anything, COVID-19 has exposed the many superficial campaigns that marketers used to undertake previously. Besides that, the situation has driven more value toward empathy, creativity, and genuine connections. If these elements are missing in the current scenario, the campaign is doomed to fail.

Therefore, here is a list of tips and tricks that you can use to make your videos popular during COVID-19, and hopefully, after it as well.

1. Use SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is as powerful as it gets. Before the outbreak of the pandemic too, SEO was the wise minister to the King Content, and if anything, it has risen in its designation in the Emperor’s court due to COVID-19.

However, there is a catch. It is more important than ever to get the SEO strategies right. For example, most of the content that goes out now has to be optimized for the pandemic scenario, which means utilizing keywords in that area, too, especially if a video represents the content. SEO for videos will depend on a lot of things, including the platforms being used.

However, getting the SEO right is winning 30% of the battle right away.

2. Interact With Your Viewers

Viewer interaction is an underestimated method of making any marketing campaign successful. There can be many ways to do this. For example, you could throw a question in your corporate video and ask your viewers to answer the same in the comment section of the platform where you are posting it.

Or, you could conduct regular surveys, especially the ones you can integrate with your videos, and have your viewers answer the questions that are likely to add value to their lives. When your target audience feels valued, and feel that their opinions are respected, you can expect a natural and organic increase in the number of viewers and supporters.

3. Make Your Video Likable

The term ‘likable’ has changed drastically over the last few months of 2020. Earlier, your target audience was almost always busy with their own lives. While they did keep a keen eye out for anything that could help them, they would let small details slide past them.

However, due to the quarantine and people having sufficient time in their hands, everyone is pickier about what they want. Therefore, as a video creator, you must pour in a jar of creativity to make your videos stand out.

4. Promote Your Video Everywhere

Promoting a video is no longer rocket science. It is one of the few things that has become easier to handle due to the pandemic. People are way more active on many social media platforms across the Internet. Hence, everyone is looking to add more value to their everyday lives, mostly to ensure they are not losing out due to the global crisis.

Therefore, if you are doing an excellent job with the content of your videos and leveraging the various social media platforms, you should expect a boom in your views.

5. Concentrate On Adding Value For Your Viewers

As a marketer, it can become an overwhelming urge to talk about your brand more and more in your videos. While talking about your brand is fine, this should be done more subtly.

Instead of going all out to talk about your products, concentrate more on adding value for viewers. Tell them things that will genuinely help them solve their problems. This will not only help you build your brand based on a better footing but will also bring you, loyal supporters.


Video marketing has become relatively easy with time. However, that notion is no longer viable with the present scenario. It is not rocket science, too. Therefore, a good strategy is the most crucial factor to help you sail your boat. Following the above rules is undoubtedly going to land you on a better footing than your competitors.