How Video Came to Be the Most Engaging Online Media Format

Video marketing is the most resourceful digital content type, and it has proven to convert more viewers into customers than any other. It drives in more engagement than other content marketing types, making it the favorite option for many brands that aim at building an online presence. 

Due to the marketability features of video content, brands are focusing more on utilizing the biggest video platform, YouTube, to promote their businesses. And many have chosen to get subs on YouTube to optimize this platform and build the community they need to enhance their identity, while others rely on other platforms to get the engagement they desire.

If you’re wondering how video content became the most engaging online media format, even though it is the newest, here are five reasons why.

1. Videos grab the attention of your target audience

If created the right way, videos are fun to watch. Most people dislike having to read long texts and get bored easily while at it, but that isn’t the case with videos. Even in their laziest state, your target audience will find it easier to watch a 3-minute video than read a 3-paragraph text. The script, the images, the movements, all these pique the interest of your target audience quite easily.

2. Videos boost conversions and sales

Videos can also make you some money, as it drives conversions and sales. They help viewers understand your brand more and gradually build a strong relationship with your potential customers

Video contents also drive more sales. Customers are most likely to purchase your products or services when they watch a self-explanatory video on how they work and the value they offer. This is one of the reasons why people enjoy watching review content on YouTube.

3. Videos can drive traffic to your website

Uploading videos will have visitors spending a longer time on your website than with simple text. More time spent on your website means longer exposure, which sends signals to the search engine that your site has useful content that more viewers might be willing to see. 

As a brand, you can optimize this function by including a video on your landing page. Video contents also help create inbound links when people share your video content or visit your webpage with that link, and this is good for your site ranking on search engines.

4. Videos can help your brand stick for a long while

Your audience is most likely to retain information gotten from a video than they will with other content. The narrative content, the voice guide, and the images will help your brand package all the information your audience needs. They are also quite engaging since viewers only have to focus on the story the visual offers rather than making sense out of long sentences.

5. Mobile users aren’t left out

On most occasions, mobile users have a tough time reading long texts on their mobile phones because of the size of their phone screens. The font appears smaller and the texts longer. But with video content, they can get all the information they need without squinting their eyes. The right video can even create a movie experience and keep them glued to their screens till the end.