Reasons Why You Should Opt for a Reliable Video Sharing Platform

A video platform is an app or a website designed for uploading, hosting, and sharing videos. One of the most popular video-sharing platforms is YouTube, but it is more suitable for people who create content for consumers and B2C businesses. 

With the growing competition among the top shared videos and scripts, video sharing platforms offer advanced services to attract more online marketers. Through video marketing, online marketers get up to 66% more leads. Slow loading times or quality issues could lead to a decrease in sales. This drives online marketers to host their videos on reliable platforms.

Here are some of the benefits of reliable video sharing platforms.

1. Compatibility

Currently, the web does not specify the type of video format it supports. This has resulted in the emergence of numerous video formats. Different browsers support different formats. Safari uses the H.264 video format, whereas Firefox plays WebM and Ogg videos, but not H.264.

Therefore, for you to ensure there are no compatibility issues with your clients, choose a video sharing platform that supports multiple video formats. A reliable platform should also convert the video quality to accommodate users with a slow internet connection. 

2. Quality of the Video

Most of your viewers will watch the videos from their phones or laptops with the benefit of fast internet connectivity. These people will choose to view a high-quality HD file on Viddly to watch it in full size. People with slow internet connectivity should be able to access the videos as well. This can be achieved by lowering the resolution. Quality also comes in with live streaming.

A good platform should have advanced video decoding features that produce quality videos during streaming. A site that avails live-streamed videos for download is much reliable than one that doesn’t. 

3. Advanced Analytics

These are tools that help marketers pull data from the videos uploaded. Video analytics work by pattern recognition and motion detection. Motion detection includes the examination of pixels and detecting their adjustments.

Pattern recognition identifies and records objects that have moved, changed, or are new. Analytical tools help you measure metrics such as second-by-second tracking, engagement, heatmap, and view length. 

Analytics tools help marketers to know the type of videos people love, the average duration in seconds people watch a video before skipping to the next one, and the time of the day more people watch the videos. These tools may aid in customizing the videos to suit the patterns discovered from the user’s data.

It is also used to optimize digital marketing campaigns. For instance, if the average watching duration is one minute, then the marketer will create online content that does not exceed one minute.

4. Limited Distraction of Ads

Ads can quickly ruin a viewer’s experience, which in turn reduces the retention of viewers. The last thing the viewers want is a shampoo ad killing their morale of watching a great video that you had been working on. If you desire to retain happy and contented viewers, host your videos on a platform that does not use ads. 

5. Security

Most marketers prefer a professional platform that includes additional privacy options. Some of the security features people appreciate in a video sharing platform include passwords protection on specific videos such as home page clips. It is also essential to choose software that limits the ability of other websites to embed your video on other websites. 

6. Accessibility

A video-sharing platform should not lock out visually impaired people as they form part of your target market. The video player should be accessible when you click outside the box. The platform should be navigable through the keyboard. For instance, the space bar could be used to pause and play the video.

Video captions should also be available to enhance accessibility. The captions should be in various languages to accommodate non-English speakers.

7. Community

Video platforms with a vast user base are an advantage for your marketing. You can reach a broader market. A good video hosting website has massive exposure, making your videos available to different devices on all corners of the world. It also includes sharing features, which helps your video reach many people.

Videos are crucial marketing tools. The young generation is used to video-sharing platforms and is more likely to see a company’s ad on such software. The last thing you want is for viewers to encounter compatibility issues or slow load times when viewing your videos. For these reasons, you need to host your videos on reliable platforms.