How A VPN Can Improve Your Internet Experience

It seems everyone is using a VPN these days, and for good reasons. VPNs are a great way to keep your data private online. Their encrypted tunnelling technology allows you to connect to websites without the fear that malicious third parties will monitor the data sent over that connection. They’re perfect for browsing the web over unprotected WiFi, such as those you’d find in coffee shops.

No matter who else is on that connection, no one will be able to see the data you’re sending. However, VPNs offer you much more than security; they offer you access to a range of content that you otherwise won’t be able to access and many other great benefits. So read on if you want to know how a VPN can improve your internet experience.

Access Geo-Blocked Content

Online streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime will restrict the content you can see based on licensing agreements. Restrictions mean that the shows and films offered on Netflix in the UK are vastly different from those provided on Netflix in the US or India. For example, you may want to watch the hit comedy show Friends, which is available in the UK, but you’re in the US!

What should you do? Well, one of the main selling points of a VPN is that it can route your internet connection through over 100 different countries. So, when it reaches your chosen website, they think you’re in the selected country. Selecting different countries allows you to access all the content available in that country, including content that wouldn’t usually be available.

So, if you want to watch Friends on Netflix but are in the US, open up your VPN, select the United Kingdom as your country, and connect. Once connected to your VPN, browse Netflix, it will think you’re watching from the UK, and Friends will be there, ready to be watched.

Improve Online Gaming

Many think using a VPN slows down your connection, as you must route your data through a different country before it reaches the site. As such, people discourage others from using a VPN when online gaming, as they believe it will increase latency issues, which leads to lag – something every online gamer wants to avoid.

However, depending on your internet service provider, a VPN can improve your internet speed. Some ISPs will throttle your internet speed if they detect activity that uses a significant amount of bandwidth, such as online gaming. However, a VPN bypasses this check and allows you to game unrestricted.

A VPN can also help you access gaming content unavailable in your country. Certain online game features aren’t available in some countries; just as online streaming sites restrict their content, some online games restrict their content based on location.

Not only can a VPN help you access those features, but they’re great for playing online casino games, as a VPN can give you access to some of the best bonuses worldwide. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing in India, the US, or the UK; you can use a VPN to get a great signup bonus, such as 100% Up To ₹60,000.

You can pick the site depending on what matters most to you: security and licenses, bonuses and offers, or the number of roulette variations. People who want to play roulette online in India should do so with a VPN to access the best sites available. No matter what gaming content you want to unlock, playing with a VPN is always best.

Improve Online Shopping

Have you ever tried to buy plane tickets or book a hotel and realized that the price had increased dramatically since the last time you looked? Price increases are standard in these industries, as they monitor customers’ browsing activities to see how popular these flights or rooms are.

Suppose they think many people are interested in booking. In that case, they’ll increase the price to try and take advantage of this high demand, particularly if the same person visits the site multiple times to browse the same flights or hotel room. Tracking hits is only possible due to internet tracking, as these sites can easily tell if the same person is viewing the site repeatedly within a short time.

Luckily for us, a VPN blocks this kind of internet tracking technology. So you can browse a site as often as you’d like as they’d have no way of knowing that it was you each time, allowing you to take advantage of the low price you originally wanted.