Watch Brands You Should Invest In

When is a watch more than a watch? Buying luxury watches is about so much more than just making another purchase. Yes, it is nice to buy someone a luxury watch as a present, but ultimately a top class watch is about more than numbers on a dial.

Investing in luxury watches has always been popular but has become more popular in recent times. It is often hard to know what to invest in. However, luxury watches do keep their value. Most importantly, they go up in value.

What watches should you invest in? Of course, there are some luxury brand watches that are worth more than others.

Investing In Rolex Watches

For many, the ultimate watch to invest in is a Rolex watch. The brand has stood the test of time. For instance, a Rolex watch bought back in the 1970’s, can be worth ten times what you paid for it.

Rolex is a brand that has always been associated with luxury watches. Every so often, the company will launch an exclusive watch. If you can afford it, they are the ones that you should invest in. That being said, watches from other Rolex ranges are also worth investing in.

Dior Watches

It is not only men who are interested in buying watches for investment.

Up until now, women have mainly invested in gold jewellery or diamonds. However, the trend is slowly beginning to change.

Although you are not very likely to catch a woman investing in a Rolex watch, you may find that she is interested in investing in Dior watches instead.

Dior watches have a sense of romance attached to them. They have often been worn by famous women such as Princess Diana. It is this romantic connection that women are after. That is why they often buy a Dior watch.

As a matter of fact, they may not even consider it an investment. Years down the line, they are often surprised by its resale value.

Omega Watches

If you like luxury watches, but can’t quite afford top brands, Omega timepieces make a great investment.

Omega watches have enjoyed a following for many years, but are becoming increasingly popular. The Seamaster by Omega is a popular watch.

It is the kind of watch you can afford to buy on a credit card, and pay off on a monthly basis.

Will it go up in value? It may not go up in value as much as Rolex or a Dior, but over the years, its value will certainly increase.

Before you start investing in luxury watches, make sure that you do your research. This is a specialist market.

There are places around the world such as Singapore and Gibraltar where you can save money on your first luxury watch.

When you have bought a luxury watch, it is important that you look after it. The market for luxury watches is growing. We are beginning to see them as more than timepieces and are starting to use them as a safe way of investing our money instead. A watch is a great way of investing your money when stock markets and other forms of investment are in turmoil.