Amazing Water Features Ideas For Your Backyard

Now that you finally have your own garden and you planned it all or even already started growing plants, you probably wonder what you could do next to make it more beautiful. By simply adding outdoor furniture or backyard water fountains, a well-organized backyard can be a great addition to your house, and it may contribute to improving your and your family’s daily life.

You will ask what you can do if you have all the possible herbs, flowers, trees and shrubs by now – the answer is water. There are many ideas that will make your garden more impressive, enjoyable or even soothing in a therapeutic way. And here are some of them to give you inspiration:

Rocky waterfall setup

Bigger rocks would be better for this purpose to give the whole setup a more wild and natural look; you can buy them or simply go look for them in the wild. Also, a few vines, grass and plants that like humidity here and there will do the trick.

Try to complement it with water that you may already have in your backyard – a rocky waterfall setup will go well with a pond, even quite small (it will provide you with the effect of the soothing sound of splashing water) or a water passage that maybe goes nearby. If you want something more elegant and organized, you can go for decorations such as a pond aerator, basalt columns, light kits or even sculptures.

If you decide to add a pond after all as well, you will gain a place for family gatherings, picnics and relaxing contemplation. And you can have fish – the least demanding, but still beneficial pets in the world.

Water fountain

Just like the waterfall, a water fountain can provide you with the sound of running and splashing water which a lot of people find relaxing. One of the most popular solutions is to build a fountain along with a pond. Another method would be mounting it to the walls. You will achieve such stunning wall fountains as a result. It will not only look great, but it will also help to maintain the right oxygen level in the water and keep it all clean.

If you don’t want any kind of reservoir or you don’t have enough space (or the proper ground), there are other possibilities. For the more industrial look, you can get some galvanized material and install a faucet in the outside wall of your house – it will go well with a classic metal watering can. You may also use different-sized plant pots, wooden barrels, ceramic vessels or even a teapot.

To keep the water running, you need to find a source; when it comes to energy, it’s possible to install a solar fountain. Most of them won’t work after nightfall, but it will save you some money and it’s certainly better for the environment.


If you’re tired of waterfalls and water fountains because you feel like there’s one in every garden, you can be a little more original and go for a waterwall. It’s much easier to incorporate into your backyard so there’s no need for revolutions.

Unless you are or have always wanted to become a carpenter – then you can get crazy with your construction. A pump system, a regular PVC pipe and, of course, some wall will suffice to compose your very own waterwall.


Do you know what is even better than the sound of splashing water? The sound of water bubbles! You can have bubblers in your pond, fountain or any kind of a waterbody. It will look like the water is welling up from underground as it does in the hot springs.

Bubblers can be specifically designed, but there are also installation kits that you can easily get and do it yourself. It’s possible to make it even more impressive – buy special lights and let the bubbles glow at night.


Because why not? If you’re an ocean (or sea) person, but the closest one is definitely too far from you, you can have a substitute in your garden to survive through the days when you can’t go vacationing. You only have to get thick plastic sheets and some duct tape to create a pit that will be ready to be filled with water.

You may bring sand for the sake of the experience but frankly speaking – wouldn’t the beaches be better without it? Then you will be able to relax, get tanned or cool yourself if the weather is too hot. If you have kids, you can buy glitter and colourings to prepare an ocean event and let them be mermaids!

Do you feel inspired yet? All plants need water to flourish, but it’s not only about watering them regularly. Gardens rarely feel complete without a waterbody or a different kind of water installation. It’s not that easy to decide so make sure you think it through. Consider yours and your family’s needs and try to find something that will meet them all – it certainly is possible!