Kinds of Water Sports That Might Interest You

Water sports is something people often forget about as they don’t think it’s accessible to them but no matter where you are there will be something you can take part in. It’s also something completely different and incredibly enjoyable if you haven’t done it before.

Learning a new skill is great fun and when it’s going to be beneficial to your mental and physical health, and release endorphins that will help with happiness, what’s not to love? Here we take a look at some water sports that might be of interest to you. 


What a brilliant sport, this is something that’s available for all ages and will bring joy to you and your entire family. There are many different types of kayaking which is why it’s brilliant for everyone, you can go on long touring trips, play around in a small boat, or go fishing in a specifically designed kayak.

Find more info here on all the different ways in which you can get yourself on the river. It’s a brilliant form of exercise and when done with your friends, immensely enjoyable. It’s slightly different from other forms of paddling as you will have to really work hard at some points of your trip, you can attack difficult parts of the river but I would suggest only heading to the white water if you’re skilled enough to cope. 


The sibling of kayaking, canoeing is a very peaceful way of paddling down the river. The difference in boats is a canoe is an open boat you can fit a few people in, whereas a kayak is usually an individual boat that you are strapped into.

There’s plenty of things you can do in a canoe and they’re brilliant for long trips down rivers you have to camp alongside, loads of room in the boat for everything you need and they tend to be pretty stable. Great fun for all the family. 


An age-old sport that has been around for hundreds of years originating in Hawaii. It was more than a sport to them, it’s a lifestyle, and that’s the main reason people are still so passionate about it today.

Luckily, there are plenty of places to surf and you don’t have to travel to Hawaii to do so. Surfing is the art of riding a wave whilst standing on a board, the discipline requires immense balance and skill but is huge amounts of fun to learn. Being at once with the sea is one of the nicest things you will experience so this is something I highly recommend. 


Take a surfboard and attach a sail to it and you have windsurfing. A development from surfing, this enables you to do a lot more in regards to taking flight when on the wave.

It emerged in the 1970s out in California and has gained a huge following ever since. It has two main categories that are racing and riding and there are many competitions around the planet to compete in. Don’t worry, it’s a sport that is relatively easy to get into and you’ll progress quickly when you take the time to practice. 


Take a surfboard, attach a kite to yourself, then hit the waves and you have kite surfing. This is more toward the extreme sports aspect of water sports and is great fun to watch people fly through the air after hitting a decent wave.

Some jumps can reach upwards of 10-15 meters and there are professionals that can pull off tricks that seem impossible. An amazing sport to get into, make sure you get lessons with this one as it can hurt if you get it wrong. 


This is great fun, not only to take part in but also to watch. Wakeboarding is where you attach a small board to your feet and get dragged around a lake by a speed boat. Sounds fun, right? You can pull off some gnarly tricks and get some serious speed up!

There are plenty of water sports clubs around that will have this available and the best thing is you can turn up and give it a go. The first time will be difficult but once you get the hang of it you’ll be having the time of your life. 


We can’t talk about water sports without talking about the original, swimming. Most towns will have a swimming pool available for you to go and have a swim. It’s brilliant for exercise and gives you a full-body workout.

If a swimming pool isn’t for you then you can head out and find some wild swimming spots, lakes and rivers are popular spots for many people to jump in and have a nice swim at the end of a hot day. 

Water sports are brilliant, there’s so many you can choose from and we’ve only had a look at a few of them in this list. Do some more research around water sports and you’ll be sure to find something you absolutely love. Not only are they good for your health they’re good for the brain too.