Wave Goodbye To Procrastination When Remote Working

Procrastination is the demon that can rear its ugly head for every at-home worker. Even the most motivated individual can find the allure of Facebook, Netflix, or the kids more alluring than having to complete tedious administration tasks.

If you have been told to work from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the chances are that you have had to get used to a whole new way of working. The camaraderie from the office is gone, you are alone during the day, and you can’t enjoy lunch with colleagues. This shift has been sudden and not entirely welcomed.

While working from home can sound like bliss, the novelty can soon wear off. Take a look at how you can wave goodbye to procrastination forever.

Be Kind To Yourself

When you are beavering away at home, you may feel more pressure than ever to prove your worth and be productive. It can be challenging to find a work/home life balance as you worry about the stability of your position. Don’t allow these anxieties to creep into your work ethic.

You need to ensure that you are kind to yourself. Give yourself breaks every couple of hours to rest your eyes and recharge your batteries. You will be much more productive in an afternoon if you have a full hour lunch break. Head outdoors, soak up the sun’s rays, and take a stroll to the park. Fresh air is important.

And, you don’t want to be stuck within your office for eight hours straight. This will lead to boredom and a tendency to procrastinate. 

Be Mindful Of Your Productivity

You don’t have to work at one hundred miles an hour, trying to squeeze in as any reports, jobs, or duties into the working day as possible. You risk burnout and producing substandard work. Instead, be mindful of your productivity and use some simple hacks to increase your work rate. You can use productivity software to keep track of your work and productivity. A time tracker can be used to find your most productive hours and see which applications are used the most during your workday.

Think about how to do split screen on Mac to give yourself that second monitor capacity that you were used to in the office. Your ability to multitask will increase and you will be less frustrated with the pace of your work. Conduct meetings in a timely manner over Skype and Teams, and utilize a home office space rather than the dining room table.

Just by getting away from the kids and the TV, you can limit your chances of procrastinating.

Social Media

The easiest way to procrastinate is to head onto Facebook and mindlessly scroll for hours at a time. Don’t do it. Banish your personal smartphone for the working day and use your work phone only. Ensure that you plan out your day every morning. By having a rigid routine, you can be sure of filling up your working day. Doing this doesn’t give you the time to procrastinate.

Twitter and Instagram can be tempting when you have spent all morning in a Zoom meeting with a client. However, heading out for a walk is a much better way to spend your break time. A ten-minute mooch on Twitter can soon turn into an hour.

Remote working can give you more flexibility and freedom in your job. However, to banish procrastination forever, follow this guide and utilize these simple ways to boost your productivity.